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Afghan lawmakers plan showdown with president

Guarding an Mi-35

More on the death of Bekkay Harrach

Taliban deny Mullah Omar treated in Pakistani hospital

US nears deal for Russian copters

Afghanistan airdrop levels reach new frontier

Afghanistan - UAVs keep eyes on troops

The Taliban killed three civilians in Kandahar and an ISAF soldier in the south. Security forces killed and captured dozens of Taliban fighters in Zabul, Paktia, and Faryab. An Afghan soldier killed an Italian soldier. Ten Taliban fighters surrendered in Kunduz.

US adds Qari Hussain Mehsud to list of designated terrorists

qari-hussain.JPGThe designation of Qari Hussain by State and Treasury refutes multiple rumors over the past several months claiming that he was killed in a US Predator airstrike in Pakistan's tribal agency of North Waziristan.

Afghanistan - No takers for development funds

Afghan parliament to defy Karzai's postponement order

Canadian Forces seeking new staging base for Afghanistan

The Taliban killed 20 civilians in Paktika and two ISAF soldiers in the south and the west. Coalition and Afghan forces killed and captured several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Khost, Paktia, and Faryab. Twelve Taliban fighters died in a premature detonation in Faryab.

Afghanistan - Gains by Taliban open door to opium revival

Senior German al Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan released a statement announcing the death of Bekkay Harrach, a top member of al Qaeda's external operations network.

Taliban deny Mullah Omar had heart attack

US slows Afghan security-force expansion

Marines of Operation Godfather see stark improvement in deadly Helmand province

Civilian security forces in Afghanistan

US Predators kill 5 'militants' in al Qaeda stronghold of Datta Khel

Today's strike in North Waziristan is the first in six days, and the sixth since the new year.