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Taliban get Afghanistan aid money

Pakistan - Fighting flares in northwest between security forces and suspected militants

Terror suspects held weeks in secret

Afghan interior minister: Afghan forces not ready for security transition

US: FARC, Taliban are among largest traffickers

Afghanistan: Profiting by posing as the Taliban

The Taliban killed four security officials in a suicide assault in Kandahar and killed an ISAF soldier in the east. Security forces killed and captured scores of Taliban, HIG, and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Helmand, Uruzgan, Parwan, Kandahar, Ghazni, Wardak, Logar, and Faryab. A Taliban fighter in Sar-i-Pul was killed after locals refused to pay a mandatory tax.

Special operations forces raid 'Taliban safe haven' in Afghan north

ISAF identified another "safe haven," this time in the district of Qaisar in Faryab. Special operations teams also killed the Afghan policeman who killed two ISAF troops in Faryab on April 4.

Al-Qaeda 'setting up training centres in Afghanistan'

Taliban suicide assault team strikes Kandahar police, kills 6

The Mullah Dadullah Front, a radical Taliban subgroup closely linked to al Qaeda, is likely behind today's complex attack.

Al Qaeda never left Kunar, and other problems with US intel

Obama to get new war policy team

Afghan officials: 2-3 men suspected in UN attack

The governor of Kunar said 132 Taliban fighters have been killed, 20 have been wounded, and 47 more have been captured during an ongoing operation. US troops killed seven Taliban fighters who assaulted a base in Nangarhar. Several Taliban commanders and fighters were killed or captured in Nangarhar, Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, and Khost. Two ISAF troops were killed in a friendly fire incident in the south.

Al-Qaeda's unfinished work

Islamists prepare for new role

As Afghanistan braces for the spring fighting season, the US hopes its preparation has paid off

White House: Pakistan is failing to defeat militants

White House assails Pakistan effort on militants

Taliban exploit tensions seething in Afghan society