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Afghan transit pact stalls on smuggling

ISAF detains Taliban commander operating from Pakistan

ANA-US SOG night raid

Analysis: Gap in Pakistan Predator strikes not unusual

predator-uav.jpgThe current pause in strikes is the third-longest since the US ramped up strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas in 2008.

NATO chief Petraeus to leave post by end of year: report

A rare voice against plan to pull out of Afghanistan

Coalition and Afghan forces captured dozens of Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Ghazni, Zabul, Khost, and Kunar. Police arrested five suicide bombers in Kandahar. A New Zealand soldier died in an accident in Bamyan province.

Deputy emir of al Qaeda training camp agrees to plea deal at Gitmo

An al Qaeda trainer agreed to a plea deal at Gitmo on Tuesday. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed. The trainer, Noor Uthman Mohammed, was captured alongside top al Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah in March 2002 and was allegedly involved in Zubaydah's plot against Israel.

German terrorists pass through Yemen, meet Awlaki, before joining IMU in Pakistan

Abu-Ibrahim-al-Almani.JPGAbu Ibrahim al Almani and his brother Abu Adam fought in Yemen for a year before moving to Pakistan on the advice of Anwar al Awlaki. Their move to Pakistan was "very professionally organized."

AP sources: Clinton to name new Af-Pak envoy

Karzai's corruption

A Taliban suicide bomber killed two security guards in an attack at a hotel in Kabul. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south. ISAF troops detained several Taliban fighters in Kandahar while targeting a commander linked to al Qaeda. Two British troops died in a shooting on a base in Helmand.

The al-Qaida supergrass and the 7/7 questions that remain unanswered

Ballot disputes cast shadows over Afghan parliament

Suicide bomber targets hotel in Kabul

Two security guards were killed in an attack at the Safi Landmark hotel in the second suicide attack in the capital in three weeks.

Pakistan delays implementation of Afghan transit pact

Former senior Taliban member visits Britain

Afghan troops detained eight Taliban fighters in Kandahar, Zabul, Helmand, and Khost. The US suspended a trilateral meeting on regional security in Washington with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A Taliban suicide assault team killed 16 police officers and three civilians in an attack on a police headquarters in Kandahar. The Taliban kidnapped two policemen in Kunar. Security forces killed two Taliban fighters in Badghis, and detained 20 Taliban fighters in Kandahar and five more in Farah. Helmand's governor accused Iran and Pakistan of backing the Taliban.

Taliban suicide assault team hits police station in Kandahar

Afghan security officials repelled the assault on the provincial police headquarters in Kandahar. The Taliban also launched other small-scale attacks against police in the provincial capital.