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Islamic Association of Students Rallies Opposition to BSA

The Taliban killed seven children in an IED attack in Paktika and four civilians in bombings in Zabul and Kandahar. Security forces killed 10 Taliban fighters. The Afghan government is reportedly still balking over the language of the Bilateral Security Agreement with the US.

In Afghanistan, clinic funded by US military closes because of lack of government support

The Taliban beheaded six construction workers in Kandahar, and killed two policemen in an IED attack in Kabul and an ISAF soldier in the south.

Afghan-US BSA talks: rift over raids on civilian house persists

Taliban claim credit for Kabul suicide attack

Yesterday's attack, which targeted the meeting site of the Loya Jirga that will vote on the Bilateral Security Agreement with the US, killed 13 Afghans.

Suicide bomber strikes in Kabul

Afghanistan - Contractor with links to rebels enters US facility

Insurgents in Herat About-Face on Peace, Rejoin Fight After Release

Ansaru leader calls Zawahiri 'our good emir,' praises al Qaeda branches

Abu Usama al Ansari also describes Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar as the "Emir of the Believers." His group, Ansaru, was added to the US' list of terrorist groups on Nov. 13.

A suicide bomber killed two policemen in an attack on a checkpoint in Ghazni. The Taliban killed two more civilians in an IED attack in Helmand. Jalaluddin Haqqani eulogized his son, Nasiruddin. The US canceled a purchase of Russian helicopters for the Afghan Air Force.

Afghanistan: Insurgents in Herat about-face on peace, rejoin fight after release

Haqqani Leader Lived, Died In The Open In Pakistan

Haqqani Network emir eulogizes son killed in Pakistan

Jalaluddin Haqqani praises the "martyrdom" of his son, Nasiruddin, and reinforces his group's ties to Mullah Omar and the Afghan Taliban.

Mullah Fazlullah's Rise to Chief of the Pakistani Taliban Complicates Islamabad's Ties With Afghanistan

The Taliban killed three students in a bombing in Farah and an ISAF soldier in an IED attack in the south. The US transferred FOB Salerno in Khost to Afghan forces. The UN said the poppy harvest has increased by 36% since last year.

Afghan Companies With Insurgent Ties Still Receive US Contracts

Nasiruddin Haqqani, a top leader in the Haqqani Network, was gunned down in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Ministry of Interior claimed that 28 Taliban fighters were killed during operations throughout the country. Tribal leaders and clerics oppose the Bilateral Security Agreement with the US.

Security forces killed 18 "rebels" in airstrikes in Zabul, five more in Helmand. The Ministry of Defense rejected a US military report that claimed casualties suffered by Afghan National Security Forces have risen by 79% over the past year.

Do not overlook troops still in Afghanistan, warn UK military figures