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Afghanistan's transition can succeed -- maybe

Lack of trust among Afghans is major stumbling block to peace talks

In Afghanistan's south, signs of progress in three districts signal a shift

Impoverished Afghans shouldering burden of health care

A Taliban suicide bomber who penetrated the police killed five US and and four Afghan soldiers in Logar. ISAF killed al Qaeda's commander for Kunar province and five insurgents, including a commander, in Farah. The Taliban killed two children in an IED attack in Farah.

Drone attacks cannot be stopped, says Rehman Malik

Swedish king makes secret Afghanistan visit

Al Qaeda's commander for Kunar, several operatives killed in airstrike

Commander Sa'ad bin Abi Waqas, a Pakistani al Qaeda leader, and several of his fighters were confirmed to have been killed in an April 14 airstrike.

Bing West, critic of war effort, does his homework up close

Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 ISAF, 4 Afghan troops in east

A Taliban fighter who penetrated the Afghan police detonated a vest at a meeting at a base in Laghman province. The Taliban claimed the attack.

Battle in Barawala Kalay Valley

NATO, Russia declares helicopter fund for Afghanistan

Assassinated Kandahar police chief was optimistic about security

President Obama said the US withdrawal starting this summer is "not just a token gesture" and expects significant troops to leave the country. The Taliban killed Kandahar's chief of police. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban, IMU, and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Paktika, and Logar.

Afghan defense ministry to prevent insurgents infiltrating Afghan forces

Slow government development threatens Swat military

Turkey in talks on Taliban office in Istanbul

Suicide bomber assassinates Kandahar police chief

Brigadier General Khan Mohammad Mujahid is the latest senior Afghan official murdered by the Taliban in its assassination campaign in the southern province.

Clinton warns against hasty Afghan withdrawal

Pakistan would back Taliban office in Turkey: official