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Germany says al Qaeda suspects planned bomb attack

Taliban announce beginning of their 'spring offensive'

Operation Badar will commence on May 1. The Afghan High Peace Council is singled out for its efforts to reconcile with the Taliban.

Don't negotiate over the heads of the Afghan people

Afghan prison's warden, other officials arrested in wake of mass escape

Afghanistan war report cites progress by troops

US military dismayed by delays in 3 key development projects in Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Taliban plan 'spate of attacks'

Security forces captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar and Balkh. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in an IED attack in the south.

Zabul medevac

Obama's Pentagon and CIA picks show shift in how US fights

Move to CIA puts Petraeus in conflict with Pakistan

Afghanistan - Mujaheddin victory celebration cancelled

Pakistan - Khan Lala opposes talks with Taliban

BBC interviews 'Taliban killer'

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Ghazni, Khost, and Badghis. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the east. Fifteen Taliban fighters reconciled with the government in Herat.

Unity among North Waziristan groups crumbles

Osama bin Laden's escape: A tale of subterfuge and hard cash

Petraeus would helm an increasingly militarized CIA

New Afghan war leader helped nurture Sunni Awakening in Iraq

Strategic shift in Afghanistan seen under new US envoy