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Al Qaeda appoints new leader of forces in Pakistan's tribal areas

Abdul Shakoor Turkistani, the leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party, is also in control of the terror camps. He was given the job just weeks before Osama bin Laden was killed.

Afghanistan - NATO says insurgency weakened

Afghan National Army update, May 2011

A look at the development of the Afghan National Army, a key force in the fight against the Taliban.

Twenty-three Taliban fighters and two policemen were killed during two days of fighting in Kandahar. The Taliban killed four policemen in Ghazni and a tribal elder in Paktika. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Ghazni, Jawzjan, Baghlan, and Kunduz.

Who sheltered Osama bin Laden? Kayani among suspects

Taliban release video of captured Canadian 'spy'

Inside the Taliban's jailbreak tunnel

Egypt offered arm of al-Qaeda number two's brother as DNA evidence

Avenging bin Laden: Taliban unleash spring offensive in Afghanistan

Taliban assault government buildings in Kandahar

ISAF targets 'al Qaeda affiliated' Taliban leader in Nangarhar

Six Taliban suicide bombers and fighters, a policeman, and a civilian were killed during Taliban assaults on eight government buildings in Kandahar. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Nangarhar, Khost Paktika, Wardak, Logar, and Badghis.

Even without bin Laden, Pakistan's Islamist militants strike fear

Mush rejected Af's intel on Abbottabad hideout 4 years ago

Boy suicide bomber recruits paraded by Afghan authorities

Taliban say attack aimed at controlling Kandahar

Taliban's Quetta Shura calls death of bin Laden a 'great tragedy'

"He was an indefatigable fighter against the Christian and Jewish aggressions in the Islamic World and was not sparing any effort in this cause," the official statement said.

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and HIG commanders and fighters in Helmand, Kandahar, Ghazni, Khost, and Nangarhar. The political opposition, led by the former Afghan intel chief, protested against negotiations with the Taliban.

Source: Bin Laden directing al-Qaida figures

Taliban say bin Laden's death will encourage war