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'Good' Pakistani Taliban leader Nazir affirms membership in al Qaeda

"I am part of al Qaeda," the South Waziristan Taliban chieftain said. He also said "the mujahideen from Afghanistan will join forces with the Arabs" to wage jihad in the Middle East.

Osama bin Laden's Pakistan

Death fails to bring hope to Afghans

Osama bin Laden dead: Britain's Afghanistan strategy unchanged

Drug trafficking, kidnapping fund al Qaeda

Helmand River patrol

Afghan troops killed and wounded more than 25 Taliban and foreign fighters in Nuristan. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Helmand, Zabul, Khost, Nangarhar, Wardak, Logar, and Baghlan. A security guard was killed in an ISAF airstrike in Ghazni. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the east.

With bin Laden's death, US sees a chance to hasten the end of the Afghan war

Taliban's muted response draws attention

Taliban delay on bin Laden death speaks of agenda

No change for Norway after Bin Laden's killing?

Pakistan army, spy agency backed Osama: Afghan officials

US feared Pak could mistake American raid to kill Osama bin Laden for India attack

Taliban react to report of bin Laden's death with suspicion, demand proof

Afghan troops kill, wound 25 'foreign fighters' in Nuristan

Arabs, Chechens, and Pakistanis were among those killed and wounded during an Afghan operation in the district of Barg-e-Matal, the governor of Nuristan said.

WikiLeaks: Bin Laden's courier 'trained 9/11 hijack team'

Killing adds to debate about US strategy and timetable in Afghanistan

Afghans worry bin Laden's death could weaken US resolve

The Taliban executed a former commander who reconciled with the government and a village elder in Kandahar. Seven Taliban fighters in Wardak were killed in a premature detonation. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Helmand, Ghazni, Khost, Logar, Baghlan, and Badghis.

Osama bin Laden: Navy SEALS operation details of raid that killed 9/11 al Qaeda leader