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Terrorists claim German jihadist dead in Afghanistan

Afghan suicide bomber 'spent six years in London'

US commander voices concern on impending Afghan drawdown

The decline of counter-insurgency doctrine

Taliban assassination in Takhar

India to strengthen Afghan security forces

Obama prepares for Afghan exit

Petraeus vows to keep civilian deaths to minimum

A poppy harvest in Helmand, undeterred

Security forces captured an al Qaeda leader in Balkh and killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Ghazni, Khost, Logar, and Balkh. The Taliban killed a German soldier in Baghlan and an ISAF soldier in the south. Thirteen Taliban fighters reconciled with the government in Kunduz.

ANA commandos in Zabul

Al Qaeda leader and bin Laden associate captured in northern Afghanistan

The al Qaeda commander, who was captured in Balkh province, was "a Pakistan-based attack planner" and accompanied Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2001.

Pakistani military denies report of NATO incursion into North Waziristan

Bin Laden raid gets little credence in conspiracy-minded Pakistan

US trolling for Taliban to open talks

Afghan judge whips man for drinking alcohol

Special operations forces capture Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander involved in deadly Takhar attack

The IMU facilitator was involved in the May 28 attack that killed two senior police leaders in the north and wounded the governor of Takhar and ISAF's top general for Regional Command North.

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Khost, Paktika, and Takhar. The Taliban killed two tribal elders in Kandahar, an ISAF soldier in the east, and a civilian in Kabul, and destroyed four cell phone towers in Balkh and Ghazni.

Taliban launch attack on Pakistani police outpost from Afghanistan

More than 200 Taliban fighters attacked a police station in Dir from across the border in Kunar province. Twenty-three security forces personnel have been reported killed.

Why are there no indigenous political parties in Pakistan's tribal areas?