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Taliban suicide bomber kills 3 ISAF soldiers in Kabul

Afghan Taliban spokesman dodges question on al Qaeda

India Mulls Sending Military Advisors to Afghanistan

Security forces killed seven Taliban fighters during operations in Laghman, Wardak, Kandahar, and Farah provinces. The Taliban killed a policeman in an IED attack in Kunar.

Pentagon Probes Firm for Violation of Iran Rules

Christians feel pressure to keep silent about their faith, Lord Carey warns

US Softens Deadline for Deal to Keep Troops in Afghanistan

The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south and kidnapped three construction workers in Farah. Security forces captured three would-be suicide bombers in Laghman and defused 65 bombs in Kandahar.

Afghan forces killed 12 Taliban fighters in clashes throughout the country and captured six more who were involved in attacking supply convoys in Kandahar. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in an attack in the east.

America's giant Afghan yard sale

Afghanistan - Activists Target Illegal Mining

Alarm rises for Afghan women prisoners after Western troops leave

Taliban eulogize Qari Hussain, chief of suicide and international operations

Qari-Hussain-martyr-tape-2.pngQari Hussain is thought to have been been killed in a US drone strike in January 2012. He served as the Taliban's "teacher of suicide bombers" and was involved in the Times Square plot and the suicide attack on the CIA in Afghanistan.

Tribes Should Unite To Support Peace: Afghan Officials

Local Turf-Sharing Accord With the Taliban Raises Alarm in Afghanistan

United Kingdom - How many more times can the Foreign Office get it so wrong?

Why the U.S. Paid Karzai's Top Aide

The Afghan Army cut a peace deal with the Taliban in the Sangin district in Helmand, and turned over several checkpoints to the jihadists. Three Taliban suicide bombers were killed in an assault on a NATO supply base at the Torkham crossing in Nangarhar.

Have Afghan forces intentionally surrendered turf in Sangin to the Taliban?

In remote Afghan areas, cease-fires catching on