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Taliban claim credit for ISAF helo crash in Afghan south

The Taliban killed four soldiers and wounded six more in IED attacks in Khost, Wardak, and Kapisa. The Taliban also killed four children in a bombing in Uruzgan. Security forces killed 10 Taliban fighters during an operation Ghazni.

2 Guantanamo detainees transferred to Saudi Arabia

Both detainees were approved for transfer "subject to appropriate security measures" by President Obama's Guantanamo Review Task Force. Previously, Joint Task Force Guantanamo deemed both detainees "high" risks to the US and its allies and recommended that they be retained in US custody.

The Taliban killed eight civilians in IED attacks in Kunar and Nangarhar, and wounded three Afghan intelligence officials in a suicide bombing in Nangarhar. The military claimed it killed 23 Taliban fighters in operations throughout the country.

The Taliban killed five soldiers in Helmand, three policemen in Ghazni, and two civilians in Kunar. Security forces killed 13 Taliban fighters in Kandahar, Kunar, Laghman, Kunduz, and Jawzjan. ISAF killed seven Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Nangarhar.

Ordinary Afghans' anxiety about future grows as security deal with US remains in limbo

An official claimed that 17 Taliban fighters were killed in fighting in Badakhshan. The Taliban killed four people in bombings in Faryab and Farah, and an ISAF soldier in an attack in the south.

Hagel Lifts Veil on Major Military Center in Qatar

Afghan pullout could reverse gains against al Qaeda, US military chief warns

65,000 clerics hired under pressure from MPs: Afghan education minister

Security forces killed 15 Taliban fighters during operations throughout the country. The NDS detained 22 jihadists involved in a plot to attack the Ministry of Defense and the Presidential Palace. The Taliban killed six civilians in a rocket attack in Badghis.

Analysis: Afghan Taliban say drone strikes are proof US is a 'paper tiger'

The Taliban claim that the US' reliance on drones to target their leaders is not only ineffective, but also is evidence of American decline. The group uses Osama bin Laden's own words to describe the US as a "paper tiger."

US needs millions more to complete Afghanistan's 'Pentagon'

The Taliban gunned down two policemen in Kandahar and killed a soldier in an IED attack in Badghis. ISAF killed four Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Kunar.

Life along the Afghan ring road

Justice for Abused Afghan Women Still Elusive, UN Report Says

Four policemen and two Taliban fighters were killed during fighting in Helmand. The Taliban gunned down a female police officer in Nimroz. A Taliban suicide bomber wounded 25 civilians and four US soldiers in an attack in Kandahar.

Morocco justice chief calls for vigilance against terror

America in Afghanistan: Filling stations in the sky

Highway 1 shows the difficulties ahead in Afghanistan