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Afghan gunbattle: Troops kill Kabul insurgents

Special operations forces hunt IMU's top commander in Afghan northeast

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's leader for the Afghan north is connected to networks in Kabul and Ghazni, and facilitates suicide and other attacks.

China expands lead in Afghanistan energy auctions

Weight Problem Could Squander New Afghan Roads

Intelligence chiefs: al-Qaida far from done

Kabul attack video

The Taliban launched an assault against ISAF headquarters, the US embassy, and two police stations in Kabul. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban and IMU commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Khost, Paktia, Nangarhar, Kunar, and Badakhshan.

Insurgents Attack Kabul with Rockets, Suicide Bombs

Qaeda's branch in Yemen poses growing danger

Kidnapped boys saga: NATO trains its sights on TTP hideouts in Afghanistan

ISAF reluctant to act against Pakistani Taliban

Taliban launch complex attack on US embassy in Kabul

A Taliban team launched rocket-propelled grenades at the US embassy and ISAF headquarters from a high-rise under construction, while suicide bombers attacked two police stations.

Al Qaeda 2.0: What the next 10 years will bring

Berlin Terror Suspects: Alleged Connections to Afghanistan

Afghan Troops to be Provided with Armoured Personnel Carriers

'Attiya Allah' authors article in latest edition of al Qaeda magazine

The Taliban killed two civilians in an IED attack in Baghlan. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Baghlan, and Faryab.

Descent from 'Big Nasty'

Afghanistan militias and police 'committing abuses'

Afghan MPs' boycott leaves parliament in limbo