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Afghan Taliban ♥ Pakistan, Haqqanis

AP sources: Official resigns over alleged spy ring

Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Attack on Americans

US working constructively with Pakistan to end row

Helmet-camera footage of bomb being defused in Helmand

Pakistan not going after Haqqani network

Pakistan seeks diplomatic support in row with US

Qalat look

Saffron could displace opium poppies as Afghans' cash crop of choice

Shooting at compound in Kabul used by contractors and CIA

The attacker and a US citizen were killed in a shootout at a complex that houses Western security contractors and supposedly a CIA office.

Under The Spotlight, Questions Raised About Haqqani Network Ties With Pakistan

Pakistan army top brass meets amid US tensions

Back in Afghanistan, ten years later

Brutal Haqqani Clan Bedevils US in Afghanistan

The Taliban killed seven civilians in an IED attack in Kandahar, a civilian in a suicide attack in Logar, and an ISAF soldier in an attack in the south. "Gunmen" killed a German citizen in Ghor. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters in Paktia and Balkh.

The Latest Ugly Truth About Pakistan

For new commanders in Afghanistan, a fine balance

Official: "Top" Pakistani intel officials support for terror network

US targeting Haqqani network in Pakistan

The Taliban killed five ISAF soldiers in the east and the west. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters Kandahar and Khost.