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Afghanistan: relationship problems in the counterinsurgency campaign

A New Pakistan Policy - Containment

Taliban suicide team strikes in Panjshir

Blind Sheikh's son killed in US airstrike in Afghanistan

Ahmed Omar Abdul Rahman, the son of the spiritual leader of the Egyptian Islamic Group, was killed today, according to the terror group.

US goes after Haqqani network

Pakistan - Madrassa graduates and labour market mismatches

CIA gives military greater say in debate, analysis of Afghan war

US Considers Shift to Guard Kabul

ISAF responds to use of AAN news release study

The Taliban killed three Afghan policemen in a suicide attack in Kandahar and two ISAF soldiers in attacks in the east. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters during raids in Helmand, Zabul, Khost, Paktia, Logar, Faryab, and Kunduz.

Taliban could have been our "best partner" to fight terrorism: Globe reporter

US deaths in drone strike due to miscommunication, report says

General-turned-spy-chief gives military greater role in CIA analysis of Afghan war

US Predators strike again in North Waziristan

The strike is the second in Danda Darpa Khel in two days. Yesterday's strike killed Jan Baz Zadran, a top Haqqani Network leader.

US Duo Pursue Warmer Ties With Afghan Leader

Drugs and Terror Mix in Case

Haqqanis reject US offer for talks

'US held secret talks with Haqqani network'

US kills Haqqani Network's 3rd in command in North Waziristan strike

US officials said that Jan Baz Zadran was killed in Miramshah in North Waziristan, where Predators struck today.

Afghanistan: CH-47 investigation results released