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Restored Citadel Is Symbol of Hope in Afghanistan

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Paktika, Logar, and Kunduz. US and Afghan forces launched an operation against the Haqqani Network in Khost and Paktika.

Taliban showing weakness in south Afghanistan

Survey in a War Zone: More than Half of Afghans See NATO as Occupiers

US forces 'massing on Afghanistan-Pakistan border'

Finally, tough love for US ally Pakistan

Afghanistan makes pitch for heavier weapons

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan claims Panjshir suicide attack

IMU-Panjshir-attack-team copy.jpgThe IMU released photos of four of the suicide bombers that struck a US PRT in Panjshir last weekend.

The Taliban killed seven Afghan troops in an ambush in Farah and two civilians in a suicide attack in Faryab. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Helmand, Kandahar, Zabul, Ghazni, Khost, Paktia, Logar, Kunduz, and Faryab.

Attempting COIN in Mullah Omar's hometown

US troops seal Afghan border with Pakistani North Waziristan

Karzai Seeks NATO Report On Night Raid Deaths

Pakistan leans toward talks with Taliban

Cross-Border Fire Frustrates Troops in Afghanistan

ANA at attention

Afghan police killed three Taliban suicide bombers who attempted to storm the governor's compound in Paktia; a policeman and a civilian were also killed. The Taliban launched a radio station in Ghazni and banned travel at night in Nangarhar. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters in Khost, Wardak, Nangarhar, and Baghlan.

Media played up Pakistan attacks: Karzai

Isaf Investigates Rocket Attacks from Pakistan

Afghan parliament clears hurdle to IMF aid

Taliban bomber responsible for the deaths of seven British soldiers captured