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The Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin claimed its suicide bomber killed two ISAF contractors in an attack in Kabul. An ISAF soldier was killed in a gunfight in eastern Afghanistan. The Afghan military said it killed 17 Taliban fighters and detained 16 more during operations nationwide.

The Taliban killed seven soldiers in an IED attack in Farah and wounded 11 people in a suicide bombing in Paktika. Control of the prison at Bagram has been transferred to Afghanistan's Interior Ministry.

Afghan soldiers desperate for pact with US, criticize President Karzai for delay

UNAMA said civilian casualties have increased by 14%; ISAF said that the Taliban are responsible for 90% of the civilian casualties. The incoming commander for ISAF Joint Command said that securing the elections is the number one priority. The Taliban killed one person in a bombing in Jalalabad.

Interview: Warning Sounded Over 'Vibrant' Drug Trafficking In Afghanistan

Report on Afghan Deaths Shows Shift in Conflict

US to focus on drugs, rule of law beyond 2014 in Afghanistan

At Pakistan's 'Taliban U,' jihadists major in anti-Americanism

US adds 4 Qods Force operatives to terrorism list for supporting terrorism in Afghanistan

Three Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force officers and one facilitator who are involved in the "use of terrorism and intelligence operations as tools of influence against the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan" were added to the US' list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

US won't seize Taliban ally's cash

State designates leader of Lashkar-e-Jhanghvi as global terrorist

Malik Ishaq leads the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an al Qaeda-linked group that has conducted numerous suicide attacks in Pakistan and has targeted Americans.

Taliban respond to terrorism designations of 3 Haqqani network leaders

Security forces killed a senior Taliban commander in Ghazni and three fighters in operations throughout the country. The National Directorate of Security captured two would-be Haqqani Network suicide bombers who were planning to attack presidential candidates in Kabul.

US adds 3 senior Haqqani Network leaders to terrorism list

Two of the Haqqani Network leaders have close ties to al Qaeda; one of them has traveled to Saudi Arabia to fundraise as recently as late 2013. The other is a member of the Miramshah Shura and coordinates operations with the Taliban.

Old Tensions Resurface in Debate Over U.S. Role in Post-2014 Afghanistan

Karzai courts the Taliban

Karzai Arranged Secret Contacts With the Taliban

Role of US Contractors Grows as Iraq Fights Insurgents

The Taliban killed four policemen in Kandahar and four more in Farah, and two aides of presidential candidate Abdullah in Herat. President Karzai said that the US "worked against me" and that he has not talked to President Obama in seven months.

Hamid Karzai: 'I saw no good' with America's presence in Afghanistan