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Twelve Afghans were killed in a fuel tanker bombing in Parwan province. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the east. Security forces captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Helmand, Khost, Wardak, and Kunduz.

Death highlights women's role in Special Ops teams

Taliban commanders say Pakistan intelligence helps them

Afghanistan sliding into autocracy: Paktia governor

Pakistan 'still running Taliban training camps'

Afghanistan - Sherzai orders action against warring tribes

Afghan Government Won't Be Able to Fund Security Forces After 2014: Eikenberry

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban, HIG, and IMU commanders and fighters in Khost, Paktia, Logar, Wardak, Laghman, and Takhar. The Taliban killed a provincial chief of the National Directorate of Security in a suicide attack.

Afghan leader's office says Pakistan remarks misinterpreted

ISAF said more than 200 Haqqani Network and Taliban commanders and fighters were killed and captured during operations in Kabul and eastern Afghanistan over the past week. The Taliban killed an ISAF solider in the south.

61 percent rise in Afghan opium production in 2011

First photos from the SEALS crash site

Reluctant to return to North Waziristan

Taliban threatens to attack Shell Pakistan, Pakistan State Oil

Suicide bomber attempts to assassinate Afghan interior minister

The attack took place in Parwan and is the second in the province in two months. The interior minister was not in the convoy.

A suicide bomber attempted to assassinate the interior minister in Parwan. The Taliban killed 11 civilians in Wardak, four civilians in Herat, and an ISAF solider in the south. President Karzai said Afghanistan would back Pakistan if attacked, even by the US.

Militants Grab Headlines -- Again -- As Clinton Visits Pakistan

The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the east and executed three carjackers in Ghazni. US Marines are advancing on the Kajaki Dam in Helmand.

US warms to idea of Pakistan talks with militants

Some Afghan ministers have embezzled millions: anti-graft chief