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Kabul Police Official Links Insurgency to Corruption

After billions in US investment, Afghan roads are falling apart

US, Turkey realize al Qaeda threat in Syria

US Aid to Afghans Flows On Despite Warnings of Misuse

Security forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in Helmand province. Two Taliban fighters and two policemen were killed in a pair of suicide attacks in Nangarhar. The US has halted funding for polling of the presidential election after the government accused the US of manipulating the results.

2 al Qaeda commanders killed in December airstrike in Afghanistan

The Dec. 13 airstrike in Nangarhar killed two al Qaeda commanders who were associated with slain al Qaeda leader Ilyas Kashmiri.

A suicide bomber killed two policemen and two soldiers in an attack in Ghazni. Government officials claimed 21 Taliban fighters were killed in Ghazni. The Taliban killed two soldiers in an IED attack in Helmand. The NDS said 15 members of a suicide attack cell were captured in Kandahar.

Pakistan - JUI-S opposes operation against Taliban

No 'unilateral' decision on Waziristan operation: Pakistan PM

Security forces killed 17 Taliban fighters during raids throughout the country. The Taliban killed two soldiers in IED attacks in Helmand and Farah. Three civilians were wounded in two failed suicide attacks in Helmand.

Lack of bilateral agreement would be blow to Afghan army, NATO chief says

An Afghan Border Police officer killed five of his colleagues in an insider attack in Herat; the attacker joined the Taliban. The US military protested a release order for 37 prisoners to be freed from Bagram; the prisoners are directly involved in killing Coalition and Afghan security personnel.

A suicide bomber killed two soldiers and two civilians, including a journalist, and wounded 22 more Afghans in an attack on a bus in Kabul. Teh Taliban claimed credit for the attack. The Taliban also killed six civilians in an IED attack in Helmand and two policemen in another bombing in Khost.

Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to Drone Mission

False claims in Afghan accusations on US raid add to doubts on Karzai

As Afghan War closes, allies see broader American pullback

President Hamid Karzai said he would not sign a security deal with the US unless the US can start meaningful negotiations with the Taliban. "If the US is not willing to accept our conditions, they can leave anytime," Karzai said. Security forces killed seven Taliban fighters in Farah. The Taliban gunned down a member of a polio vaccination team in Helmand.

The Taliban killed six policemen while seizing an outpost in Faryab. Yesterday, the Taliban killed five young men in a shooting at a volleyball match in Laghman province. A suicide bomber killed only himself while targeting a candidate for vice president.

Afghanistan - Sharp rise in kidnappings worries Nangarharis

US General Predicts More Violence in Afghanistan