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Top British commander says west must see the job through in Afghanistan

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters and commanders in Kandahar, Helmand, Khost, Nangarhar, and Kapisa. India pledged to train more than 30,000 Afghan troops. Australia said it may withdraw its troops prior to 2014.

US ready for eviction of drones in Pakistan

Karzai Accuses Pakistan of Hindering Talks with Taliban

Preparing for Withdrawal: German Military Fears Civil War in Afghanistan

Obama to Pakistan's president: NATO bombing not deliberate attack, US committed to full probe

Afghanistan's women languishing in prisons 10 years after fall of Taliban

US-Iran row overshadows Afghan conference

Analysis: The US-Pakistan relationship and the critical factor of supply

The US military's supply routes through Pakistan to Afghanistan constitute a major vulnerability for the US in its relations with Pakistan. That may change in the near future.

Iran claims it shot down 'Beast of Kandahar' stealth drone

Did Jund al Khilafah battle police in Kazakhstan?

Road Block by Pakistan Has No Logistical Implications, ISAF says

Afghanistan says needs billions long after troops go

NATO plans push in eastern Afghanistan to quell Pakistan-based insurgents

Pakistan Refuses to Help as US Sorts Out Fatal Airstrikes

Pentagon says Pakistan not joining bombing probe

NATO air strike protests: JuD observes Black Friday, effigies, flags burn all over Pakistan

Pakistan: US Info Was Wrong

From medieval Taliban to a tech-savvy militia

After NATO strike, Pakistan adjusts rules of engagement