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US suspects NATO forces lured into deadly raid

Haqqani Militants Use Death Squads in Afghanistan

US official: Pakistan was called before NATO fired

Pakistan border fire provoked NATO raid: Reports

NATO Ceding More of Afghanistan to Government Control

Fire from Pakistan Prompted Nato Attack, Afghan Officials Say

Pakistan permanently closes borders to NATO after air strike

Pakistan's prime minister issues a warning to US

Pakistan says ISAF attack in Mohmand may have been 'deliberate'

Taliban, artillery, and lies in Mohmand Agency

Pakistan's unprecedented response to the attack in Mohmand is curious, especially given the countless reports over the past six months of Pakistani military forts shelling Afghan territory. US and Afghan officials have claimed the airstrike on Nov. 26 was in self-defense.

Turkish FM expresses solidarity with Pakistan

NATO braces for reprisals after deadly air strike on Pakistan border post

Afghanistan Worries After Attacks in Pakistan

Afghan and NATO officials said Pakistan fired first, prompting the deadly airstrike in Mohmand. The second wave of transition from NATO to Afghan forces will include six provinces, seven cities, and dozens of districts. Germany called for the Taliban to be included in Afghanistan peace talks.

Afghan soldiers called in deadly NATO airstrike

Afghanistan - Taliban paid £100 a month to stop fighting

10 Pakistani militants killed in Kunar offensive

Afghan Parliament Approves Central Bank Governor, Spy Chief

Pakistan orders closure of key US airbase after ISAF troops conduct cross-border attack

The Pakistani government said the Shamsi Airbase in Baluchistan should be vacated within 15 days, and ordered the closure of NATO's supply lines to Afghanistan after US helicopters killed 28 Pakistani troops in the Mohmand tribal agency.

At least 13 insurgents were killed and 17 suspects detained by Afghan police in the last 24 hours. US Marines turned over responsibility of a base in Helmand to the Afghan National Army. Separately, US and Afghan forces captured a wanted Taliban leader in Garmsir district.