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US plans major shift to advisory role in Afghanistan

Pakistani fertilizer ignites tensions with US

Kajaki attack

A roadside bomb killed six civilians, including women and children, in Helmand province. At least 18 insurgents were killed following military operations by Afghan police forces during the past 24 hours. Afghan forces killed a suicide-bomber intending to attack the airport in Badghis.

US Plans Afghan Shift to Lessen NATO Combat Role

We can't win Afghanistan war without winning Pakistan, says Panetta

US Focuses on Azerbaijan, Afghanistan Routes

NATO: Pakistan talking again to US-led coalition

Pakistan 3rd biggest recipient of US aid

US lawmakers freeze $700 mln to Pakistan

NATO-bound trucks attacked, burned in Pakistan

The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in an IED attack in eastern Afghanistan yesterday. Security forces captured a Haqqani Network leader in Ghazni and a Taliban leader and several fighters in Helmand and Nangarhar.

NATO supplies clog Karachi port

Mohmand raid repeat can't be ruled out: Gen. Allen

US leaving drone base won't have big impact on air war

NATO-backed Afghan militia scheme seen expanded

Pakistan decides to shoot down US drones?

President Hamid Karzai dismissed the March 2012 deadline he had set for the closure of private security firms, giving them until September 2013 to operate in the country. The US Special Operations commander who directed the operation that killed Osama bin Laden defended the unpopular night raids used against militants in Afghanistan. Germany, which has over 5,000 troops in Afghanistan, will withdraw 200 soldiers at the start of February 2012.

Karzai Accuses Foreign Agencies of Breaking Law

Afghanistan's Karzai extends private security closure deadline