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US continues drawdown of military forces in Afghanistan

Panetta, Speaking to Troops, Says US Has Edge on Taliban

Iran against US-Afghan military treaty: FM

Afghanistan does not want involvement in US-Iran hostilities

In mountain camps, Pakistan Taliban train for death

Afghan Women Wary Of Taliban Talks

Afghan and Coalition forces killed a Taliban commander and three of his bodyguards in Kandahar. A roadside bomb killed the Reg district governor in Helmand province. Britain may withdraw its forces from Afghanistan in 2013.

Tense Pak-US ties bad omen for Afghan security

US focus to beat al-Qaeda shifting to Africa

Pakistan blames Afghan refugees for Rabbani murder

US plans major shift to advisory role in Afghanistan

Pakistani fertilizer ignites tensions with US

Kajaki attack

A roadside bomb killed six civilians, including women and children, in Helmand province. At least 18 insurgents were killed following military operations by Afghan police forces during the past 24 hours. Afghan forces killed a suicide-bomber intending to attack the airport in Badghis.

US Plans Afghan Shift to Lessen NATO Combat Role

We can't win Afghanistan war without winning Pakistan, says Panetta

US Focuses on Azerbaijan, Afghanistan Routes

NATO: Pakistan talking again to US-led coalition

Pakistan 3rd biggest recipient of US aid

US lawmakers freeze $700 mln to Pakistan