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More than 380 insurgents, including 19 commanders, reconciled with the government in Badghis province. Security forces detained two Taliban facilitators and several fighters in Helmand and Paktia provinces.

Raining drones?

Seven Taliban Leaders Take Families to Qatar

Qatar to Support Taliban Families in Doha

US troop deaths in Afghanistan war fell in 2011

Civilian contractors playing key roles in US drone operations

Defender of Orphans Contends With Afghan Corruption

Afghan forces take control in former Taliban hotspots

AP Exclusive: US sets up new grassroots counter-extremism unit in Pakistan

National Front Accuses Afghan Govt of Supporting Taliban

President Karzai welcomed US Vice President Biden's statement that the Taliban are not the enemy. The Taliban killed a British soldier in Helmand. Security forces captured two Taliban commanders and several fighters in Kandahar and Paktia.

The Taliban killed four civilians in Uruzgan and two ISAF soldiers in the south. Security forces killed three Taliban leaders and detained 11 fighters.

Afghanistan cracks down on private security firms

Son of infamous al Qaeda family killed by Ethiopian forces

Abu al Bara'a Abdul Aziz bin Attash was killed in a clash with Ethiopian forces. Bin Attash was a member of a particularly notorious al Qaeda family that has served the Taliban, al Qaeda, Shabaab, and other allied terrorist organizations.

US changes anti-terrorist strategy

US mulls transfer of Taliban prisoner in perilous peace bid

US forces completely evacuated their bases in northern Panjshir province. An Afghan soldier shot and killed two French troops in Kapisa. Ten Afghan Local Police were killed in a roadside bombing in the Nad-e-Ali district of Helmand. US forces seized 12,000 pounds of homemade explosives in Kandahar.

Pakistan - No more bumpy ride for motorists on Torkham road

Afghanistan - US PRT withdraws from Panjsher

US Pulls Advisers from Afghan Government Media Center