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Officials: Al Qaeda plots comeback in Afghanistan

American jihadist in Pakistan partially identified

UK leaves its Helmand project - like its roads, clinics and bridges - unfinished

The military claimed it killed 50 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar over the past five days. The Taliban killed three Turkmen border guards, and an Afghan intelligence officer in Helmand. NATO defense ministers said they are prepared to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

US general: Grim Afghan future if no security pact

Eyeing Afghan exit, US intensifies campaign against Haqqani militants

A Taliban suicide bomber killed 10 people in an attack on a hotel in Uruzgan. The Taliban also killed three Afghans in Helmand. President Obama warned Afghan president Hamid Karzai that the US is prepared to withdraw all troops at the end of 2014 if the Bilateral Security Agreement is not signed.

The Taliban killed 20 Afghan soldiers and captured eight more after overrunning a military outpost in Kunar province. The attack may have been facilitated by Afghan soldiers sympathetic to the Taliban. The government denied that the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan executed 23 Pakistani Frontier Corps troops inside Afghanistan.

Taliban Say Talks Over US Soldier's Release Suspended

Taliban kill 20 Afghan soldiers, capture 8 in Kunar

Afghan Taliban denounces former senior official, denies involvement in peace talks

The Taliban again denied that Agha Jan Mutasim represents the group, and said his actions are "detrimental" to both the Taliban and "the goals of the sacred Jihad."

China offers conditional support to Afghan-US security deal

A Taliban suicide assault team killed two policemen in an attack on a police headquarters in Kabul province. Five civilians and a Taliban fighter were killed in clashes in Helmand. The US warned its citizens not to travel to Afghanistan.

Afghan Taliban suicide assault team strikes in Kabul province

A suicide bomber killed two civilians at a cultural center in Kabul. Yesterday, a suicide bomber targeted presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah. Pakistan claimed that the 23 Frontier Corps personnel who were executed by the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan were killed inside Afghanistan.

Study Warns on Afghan Troop Cuts

The Secret Battles Between US Forces and Chechen Terrorists

Karzai Condemns Killing of Taliban Leader, Body Returned to Takhar

Armed groups continue to haunt Afghan north

US seeks prisoner swap with Taliban to free Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl