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Omani jihadist killed during fighting along Afghan-Pakistani border

Abu-Obeida-al-Omani.jpgAbu Obedia al Omani fought "in several invasions against the American forces and their apostate agents" in the Khorasan, or Afghanistan.

Afghan peace council to send mission to Qatar

President Karzai's spokesman said that the Taliban must agree to a ceasefire before peace talks can proceed. Karzai's spokesman also said the government would not cede provinces to the Taliban. ISAF reportedly captured a senior Taliban commander for northern Helmand province.

Afghan endgame: US ready for Haqqani talks

Pakistan - CIA likely to resume drone strikes

No info about Taliban leaders' release: US embassy

Afghanistan Not to Hand Over Any Provinces to Taliban

Taliban appoint al Qaeda-linked commander to lead Peshawar shura

Sheikh Mohammed Aminullah, who in 2009 was placed on the United Nations Sanctions Committee's list of "individuals and entities associated with al Qaeda," is among three of four top Taliban leaders closely tied to al Qaeda.

Karzai's Ultimatum on Afghan Prison Complicates US Exit Strategy

The Taliban killed four policemen in Herat and a child in a suicide attack in Khost. An Afghan soldier killed an ISAF soldier in the south. The chief of border police in the east resigned after receiving death threats.

Pakistan - Security agencies want TTP to abandon Orakzai, Khyber

Afghanistan - Border police chief stands down

Terror on Trial | William Shawcross on Legal Proceedings Against Extremists

Lull in US Drone Strikes Aids Pakistan Militants

The Taliban executed a teenaged male accused of spying for the government in Paktika. An Afghan policeman in Ghor killed two colleagues and a civilian. The US deployed an unmanned cargo helicopter in Helmand.

Thaw in Pak-Afghan ties: Bilateral Taliban negotiation strategy to be revived

Taliban's office in Qatar termed a new game

Cargo drone makes debut in Afghanistan

Haqqanis part of Taliban: Mullah Sangeen

Despite Possible 'Reset,' Pakistan Keeps Afghan Border Closed To NATO