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Pakistan - New terms likely for NATO supplies

Pakistan seeks Afghan talks over Taliban: official

There's more to peace than Taliban

US intelligence report on Afghanistan sees stalemate

Difa-i-Pakistan: Hafiz Saeed hoping for a 'historic' event in Karachi

UN adds 2 Haqqani Network leaders to terrorist list

Ahmed Jan Wazir and Fazl Rabi serve as key commanders in the Haqqani Network and have ties to the Taliban. Wazir was appointed by Taliban and al Qaeda fighters to command operations in Ghazni province.

Fierce fighting between the Taliban and Afghan forces in Nimroz left four Taliban dead, including a commander. A roadside bomb killed two women in the Nad-e-Ali district of Helmand. Two Taliban groups in Sar-i-Pul and Baghlan provinces surrendered to the Afghan government.

Opium Revenue Rises 133% in 2011

Afghan boy suicide bombers tell how they are brainwashed into believing they will survive

From Prison To Kabul's Presidential Palace

NATO Envoy Calls for Afghan-led Peace Talks

US 'agrees in principle' to swap Taliban fighters for Bowe Bergdahl

Taliban Statement Highlights Challenge of Peace Effort

The Taliban said they would continue to wage jihad and would not abide by the Afghan constitution. A Taliban suicide bomber killed the district governor of Panjwai in Kandahar, his two sons, and two bodyguards. ISAF killed two Taliban commanders in an airstrike in Kunar.

New Afghanistan assessment reflects split US views

Marines to investigate video

Taliban assassinate key district governor in Afghan south

Sayed Fazuldin Agha was the district governor of Panjwai, a former Taliban bastion in Kandahar. He was instrumental in reconciling local Taliban groups with the Afghan government.

Afghan Taliban vow to continue 'jihad,' reject Afghan constitution

The Taliban insist that the proposed office in Qatar is to be used to conduct a prisoner exchange and educate the international community.

Taliban say Marine abuse tape won't hurt Afghanistan talks

Against Odds, Path Opens Up for US-Taliban Talks