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Mukarram Khan, Saleem Shahzad...who's next?

Secret US, Taliban Negotiations Could Yield Positive Results

US doesn't rule out Grossman-Taliban meeting

Air Force Finds Mixed Motives in Kabul Attack

Pakistan delays US envoy Marc Grossman's visit

Tiny Qatar wielding powerful political punch

After Years of Decline, Polio Cases in Afghanistan Triple in a Year

Algerian court sentences ex-Gitmo detainee to 3 years in prison

abdelaziz-Naji.jpgAn Algerian court sentenced Nadji Abdelaziz, a former Guantanamo detainee, to three years in prison on Monday. Abdelaziz served both Lashkar-e-Taiba and al Qaeda, according to memos prepared by Joint Task Force-Guantanamo.

A suicide bomber killed one person in an attack outside a military base in Nangarhar. "Gunmen" killed an anti-Taliban tribal leader in the Dand district in Kandahar. Twenty insurgents in Ghazni reconciled with the government.

As US-Pakistani relations sink, nations try to figure out 'a new normal'

Afghanistan - Regional powers seen behind escalating unrest

Insecurity Mainly Based in Afghan Villages: ICRC

Costs in doubt as NATO moves toward smaller Afghan force

The Taliban claimed to have shot down a civilian helicopter in Helmand province; three people were killed in the crash. ISAF said there are no signs that the Taliban has infiltrated the Afghan security forces.

Afghan Taliban proclaim 'victory,' explain Qatar choice

Afghan War Reflects Changes in Air War

Afghan militant leader 'ready for talks'

Nuristan Governor Urges Operation against Insurgents

Taliban sincere about talks with US: Zaeef

Pakistan - New terms likely for NATO supplies