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Thaw in Pak-Afghan ties: Bilateral Taliban negotiation strategy to be revived

Taliban's office in Qatar termed a new game

Cargo drone makes debut in Afghanistan

Haqqanis part of Taliban: Mullah Sangeen

Despite Possible 'Reset,' Pakistan Keeps Afghan Border Closed To NATO

Ghazni: The Center of Islamic Civilization

Afghanistan - New Strategy on Mineral Revenue Soon

The Taliban killed six children and an adult in an IED attack in Uruzgan, and killed five ISAF soldiers in two bombings in the south. The Taliban demanded that their prisoners who are held at Guantanamo Bay be freed in Qatar.

No comment on Mullah Omar's claim: US

Afghan Govt Stresses on Afghan-led Peace Talks

Pakistan's Slow-Motion Coup

China warns US on Asia military strategy

The Taliban killed three ISAF soldiers in an IED attack in the south. President Karzai said that the US must transfer the Parwan detention facility to Afghan control as soon as possible.

Taliban prisoner release: a premature, dangerously naive move

USMC & UK Firefight

Iran intensifies efforts to influence policy in Afghanistan

Afghan Leader, Karzai, Warily Accepts US-Taliban Talks

Pentagon military review 'will axe US troops'

Afghanistan: US strategy changes to match drawdown of forces

In June 2011, President Obama announced a drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan. But no new strategy to accommodate a smaller force was announced. Finally, there might be one.

White House denies deal to release Taliban leaders