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Karzai Condemns Killing of Taliban Leader, Body Returned to Takhar

Armed groups continue to haunt Afghan north

US seeks prisoner swap with Taliban to free Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jihadists create 'no-go zones' in northern Afghanistan

Turkmenistan: The Achilles Heel Of Central Asian Security

US seeks new bases for drones targeting Al Qaeda in Pakistan

Afghan NSC welcomes Taliban's Dubai meeting declaration

Former Jihadi Leader Calls for Systemic Release of Bagram Prisoners

Afghan Army's Test Begins With Fight for Vital Highway

The military said it killed 45 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar and nine more fighters in Kunar. A suicide bomber killed six people in Kunduz. The Taliban claimed it shot down a US helicopter in Kandahar.

Pentagon: Insider threat in Afghanistan 'as dangerous as it ever was'

Afghan High Peace Council spokesman says US 'martyred' bin Laden

65 "Innocent" - or "Dangerous"? - Detainees Released From Bagram: Secret documents and Afghan and US claims?

Two men wearing Afghan military uniforms killed two ISAF soldiers in Kapisa. Security forces killed 19 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar. The Taliban have established training camps in southern Helmand. The US added the owner of a hawala to its list of terrorist kingpins for supporting the Taliban.

Green-on-blue attack in Kapisa kills 2 Coalition troops

Taliban establish training camps in southern Helmand

Treasury adds Afghan heroin trafficker to narcotics kingpin list

Lahore Jan, an Afghan national based in Jalalabad, uses his hawala to transfer funds for the Taliban.

Afghanistan deploys its first satellite into orbit by February

US Forces-Afghanistan condemned the Afghan government's order to free 65 "dangerous individuals" from custody. "The primary weapon of choice for these individuals is the improvised explosive device," the statement said. The Taliban killed four Afghan soldiers in IED attacks.

US military condemns Afghan government's release of 65 'dangerous individuals'