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Ex-Afghan intelligence chief Asadullah Khalid returns to Afghanistan

Review board rules against Guantanamo detainee

Earlier this month, a review board responsible for evaluating the status of Guantanamo detainees determined that a Yemeni held in Cuba since early 2002 should remain in custody. According to a leaked threat assessment, the detainee was slated to be a hijacker on 9/11 before al Qaeda canceled his part of the operation.

Interactions of Bin Laden and Son-in-Law Detailed in an FBI Document

Suicide attack on Indian consulate foiled in Kandahar province

'Absence of US presence post 2014 to boost Al Qaeda': top NATO commander

Existing Afghan deal would cover US post-2014

Last Canadian troops leave Afghanistan

Taliban Issue Warning, Tell Afghans Not to Vote

In Its Own War on Terror, Pakistan Piles Up Heavy Losses

Shoe-bomb plots disclosed at trial of bin Laden son-in-law

The Taliban killed nine civilians in separate attacks in Helmand province. Security forces killed 19 Taliban fighters, including three local commanders, in Farah, and eight more in operations in Kunar, Kunduz, Kandahar, Helmand, and Zabul. Vice President Fahim died of natural causes.

US, Afghan military try to get out the vote, prevent Taliban disruption of key election

Abu Ghaith urged Qaeda recruits to 'pledge' to bin Laden: witness

The US accidentally killed five Afghan soldiers during an airstrike in Logar province. The Taliban killed two people in a pressure-cooker IED attack in Faryab. Security forces killed two Taliban fighters and detained a "judge" in Sar-i-Pul.

Poppies sown on large swathes of Helmand land

Pakistani army fuels anger in securing Swat from Taliban

Officials: Al Qaeda plots comeback in Afghanistan

American jihadist in Pakistan partially identified

UK leaves its Helmand project - like its roads, clinics and bridges - unfinished

The military claimed it killed 50 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar over the past five days. The Taliban killed three Turkmen border guards, and an Afghan intelligence officer in Helmand. NATO defense ministers said they are prepared to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.