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US to elevate Special Operations forces' role in Afghanistan

US Sees Europe as Not Pulling Its Weight Militarily

The Taliban on al Qaeda, 1996-97

Military comeback a distant dream for Afghan Taliban

NATO - Security Transition Ends Next Year, Gass Says

A suicide bomber killed three policemen and four civilians in Kandahar. A US soldier killed an Afghan security guard in Sar-i-Pul. Two senior government officials in Khost were arrested for supporting the Taliban.

US Plans a Shift to Elite Forces in Afghanistan

The Taliban denied that Mullah Omar sent a letter to President Obama. Civilian casualties have risen to more than 3,000 last year; the Taliban are said to be responsible for 77 percent of civilian deaths. French troops have withdrawn from two camps in Kapisa province.

Al Qaeda operative killed during clashes in Kurram identified

Aslamov-Zaur.jpgAslanov Zaur, an Azeri national and al Qaeda commander, was killed during Pakistani airstrikes in Kurram last week. He likely entered Pakistan with the aid of al Qaeda's support network in Iran.

US withdrawal plan from Afghanistan has not changed

Afghan Troops Should Not Enter Pakistan: Petraeus

Pakistan PM to Meet Qataris on Taliban Office

The Hard Way Out of Afghanistan

Civilian deaths in Afghanistan at highest level in a decade

Afghanistan: 'This terrible war could have ended in a month'

NATO is in disarray after the US announced it would end its combat mission in Afghanistan in 2013, one year early. Security forces captured a dual-hatted Taliban and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander in Helmand. The Islamic Jihad Union said it works closely with local Taliban forces.

NATO mulls paying for Afghan forces after 2014

US asks citizens to avoid gatherings in Pakistan

Taliban, Al-Qaeda Sanctuaries in Pakistan: Afghan government spokesman

Pakistan was Aware of US-Taliban Talks, Pakistani Analyst Says