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Lashakr al Zil strong in Afghanistan-Pakistan border region

Kabul rules out separate talks with Taliban

Afghan Officials Consider Separate Talks With Taliban

Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are Few, Obama Says

Shafia trial a wake-up call for Canadian Muslims

Security forces captured an al Qaeda facilitator in Paktia. Thirty Taliban fighters reconciled with the government in Herat. NATO reiterated its commitment to ending combat operations in 2014.

Fear drives new front in Afghan peace talks: Analysts

Pakistan - Intelligence assessment: Madrassa to be placed under surveillance

Taliban Refuse Ceasefire Before Prisoners are Released

US Drones Patrolling Its Skies Provoke Outrage in Iraq

ISAF, Afghan forces capture al Qaeda 'facilitator' in east

The al Qaeda facilitator "coordinated insurgent activity throughout the area and provided reports to senior al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan," ISAF stated. He is the first al Qaeda operative reported as killed or captured in Afghanistan in two months.

Afghanistan to press Pakistan for access to Taliban

Afghan, ISAF troops kill IMU leader in north

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader was responsible for last year's Christmas Day suicide attack at a funeral in Taloqan that killed 20 Afghans, including a member of parliament. ISAF reporting on raids against the IMU and al Qaeda has dropped off considerably.

ISAF and Afghan troops killed an IMU leader behind suicide attacks in the north. A member of the High Peace Council was kidnapped in Kunar. The government wants to hold talks with the Taliban in Saudi Arabia. Britain's Chief of Defence Staff General called the Afghan mission "amateurish."

Pakistan - Religious parties to stand against restoration of NATO supply

France's Afghanistan withdrawal decision raises worries

Afghan President Hamid Karzai 'plans talks with Taliban'

Pakistan - Drone attacks linked to 'trust deficit' with US

Taliban Have Begun Talks With US, Former Taliban Aides Say

For CIA family, a deadly suicide bombing leads to painful divisions