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Al Qaeda releases video of Saudi al Qaeda fighter killed in Waziristan

Before he was killed in Waziristan in 2009, Abdullah bin Muhsin al Shahri, who was known as Abu Rawada, discussed an al Qaeda cell that operated in Gardez, Afghanistan.

Dialogue with the US: Afghan Taliban share 'peace' blueprint with Pakistan

Taliban diplomats arrive in Qatar

Qatar's towering ambition on show in Doha

Taliban willing to compromise, Afghan negotiators say

Thousands of NATO trucks in Pakistan backlog

A suicide bomber who targeted foreign aid workers killed four Afghan civilians in Helmand. Afghan civil society activists disputed President Obama's claim that the Taliban are in retreat and said al Qaeda fighters still remain in the country.

Afghanistan - Taliban's Momentum Higher than US

Afghanistan - Nangarhar security under threat: Ghani

Panetta: al Qaeda is 'still a real threat'

Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti Played Crucial Role in Somalia Rescue

US adds IMU, IJU operatives to list of global terrorists

Mounir and Yassin Chouka, two Germans who are operatives in the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and Mevlut Kar, an Islamic Jihad Union facilitator, were added to the list of Specially Designated Global terrorists. All three have ties to al Qaeda.

The drone war

Afghan army's night raiders ready to take control

ISAF captures senior Taliban commander in Helmand

Mullah Abdul Bari served as the Taliban's shadow governor for the districts of Nad Ali, Musa Qala, Baghran, and Kajaki in northern Helmand province.

No 'Open Airspace' for Foreign Airliners, Afghan Minister Says

Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters in Uruzgan and Faryab. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south. Forty insurgents reconciled with the government in Baghlan.

All-woman Seabees team builds barracks, makes history

An Uzbek struggle in name only

France said it is not planning on withdrawing its forces this year after six of its troops have been killed by Afghan security personnel. The US denied it planned to partition Afghanistan or modify the political system.