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Bad Information Led to NATO Airstrike, Afghans Say

US-Taliban Talks End Without Result, Pakistani TV Says

NATO supplies from Pakistani airspace never stopped

Roads to Nowhere: Program to Win Over Afghans Fails

Afghan president postpones handover of US prison

President Karzai said ISAF aircraft killed several children in Kapisa. The Taliban killed two policemen in an IED attack in Helmand. Security forces captured two Taliban commanders in Helmand and Nangarhar.

Afghan Forces Will be Good Enough to Hold Security: US General

US still lacks Guantanamo transfer safeguards: lawmakers

Security forces captured four Taliban leaders and facilitators in Helmand and Khost, and three insurgents, including a Pakistani, in Kandahar. The government said it was willing to accept the transfer of Taliban detainees held at Guantanamo to Qatar.

In Afghanistan, a new approach to teaching history: Leave out the wars

CIA digs in as Americans withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan

Afghanistan Willing to Agree to Transfer of Taliban Prisoners to Qatar

Al Qaeda 'still standing in Khorasan' despite US drone strikes: jihadist

Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah al Lubnani said that despite US airstrikes in Pakistan, "time is in our favor."

NATO, Afghan and Pakistan officials to hold border talks

Afghanistan Wants to Become Main Transit Route in Central Asia

Osama, Zawahri and I had same teacher: Hafiz Saeed

Talks with the Taliban: US keeps Pakistan in the loop

Pakistan - Resume NATO supply for better deal, says Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar

Mind Games in Afghanistan

Al Qaeda releases photos of slain Khorasan commanders

AQ_Khorasan550.jpgA jihadist media outlet has released previously unseen photographs of slain top al Qaeda leaders Abu Laith al Libi, Abdullah Said al Libi, and Abu Abdullah al Shami.