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US tries to ease confusion over Afghan plans

NATO ministers consider speeded-up Afghan drawdown

Source: Plans To Turn Over Taliban Gitmo Detainees In Works

NATO's Taliban bombshell: Is Pakistan our enemy?

NATO ministers to mull accelerated withdrawal from combat role in Afghanistan

Pakistan ready to push Taliban, allies to make peace: Khar

US Worried Over Insider Attack by Afghan Troops

US and allies plan to give Afghanistan forces lead role in 2013

Afghan soldiers 'co-operating with the Taliban and signing ceasefire deals'

US announces early end to combat operations in Afghanistan

The US and NATO want to end combat operations in Afghanistan next year. An Afghan soldier killed an ISAF soldier in the south. Security forces detained three Taliban commanders and several fighters in Kandahar and Zabul.

NATO report implies Pakistan's ISI supports al Qaeda as well

NATO Plays Down Report of Collaboration Between Taliban and Pakistan

Afghan Taliban deny they're ready to talk peace

Pakistan condemns NATO leak on Taliban support

Taliban "poised to retake Afghanistan" after NATO

Afghans Fear Economic Downturn as Foreigners Leave

Bolstering Afghan Supply Line, US Waives Ban on Aid to a Neighbor

US Confirms Possible Taliban Gitmo Release

Shocking! Pakistan supports the Taliban, NATO says