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Nine Afghans were killed during riots over the burning of Korans at a US base earlier this week; four were killed while attempting to storm the US consulate in Herat. Afghan forces killed 15 Taliban fighters in Laghman province. The NDS captured several men belonging to three Haqqani Network cells that were plotting attacks in Kabul.

Afghanistan: Riots over Koran Burning Subside, But Does Anger Still Simmer?

US Deaths in Afghanistan Came During Security Vetting

Afghanistan - Scholars want protestors to exercise restraint

Beheadings in Afghanistan Are Grim Reminder of Extremes of Taliban Law

Seventeen people, including two US soldiers, have been killed during riots over the burning of Korans at Bagram Air Base; an Afghan soldier killed the two US troops in Nangarhar. Both the Taliban and several members of the Afghan parliament have called for a jihad against US forces. Security forces detained two Taliban commanders in Helmand and Khost.

US Says Pakistan Upbeat on Eventual Cooperation

Afghan Protests Over Burning of Korans Spread for 3d Day

Afghan Security forces killed eight Afghans during violent protests over the burning of Korans at the Bagram Air Base. Coalition and Afghan security forces captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Helmand and Logar.

Karzai demands quick transfer of US-run jail

Afghans, US may defer issues in strategic deal

Afghanistan - MPs seek harsh punishment for blasphemers

Afghans protested after Korans were accidentally burned at Bagram; General Allen apologized and issued a directive on the disposal of religious materials. The Taliban beheaded four "spies" in Helmand and killed three ISAF soldiers in the south.

Karzai claims indirect contact with Mullah Omar

Official: Burned Islamic religious material had 'extremist inscriptions'

Talk of peace stirs up Qaeda-Taliban tensions

Of 'moderate' Taliban and their willingness to 'talk'

Karzai offers Taliban direct dialogue

Afghanistan to Spy on Own Troops

Resurgence of Pakistan's religious right