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Afghan Taliban denies having talks with government

ISAF targets IMU suicide attack leader in Takhar

Kayani's overture to Pentagon

Afghan Minister Defends TV Head-Scarves Request

Afghanistan - Strategic agreement in weeks: Panetta

NATO resumes transfer of Taliban detainees to Afghan government

Taliban says the US to repeat Soviet defeat in Afghanistan

Taliban expand list of demands, refuse to denounce 'international terrorism'

US defence secy Leon Panetta voices caution on Taliban prisoner deal

Pakistan has allowed NATO to ship some perishable food items into Afghanistan. Security forces captured several Taliban leaders in Wardak, Helmand, and Nangarhar.

Taliban will not talk peace with Karzai government, spokesman says

US to Keep Troops in Afghanistan: Officials

Pakistan allows NATO to ship food to Afghanistan, sign of thawing tension after airstrikes

Two Officers Counter Bleak Assessment of Afghan War

Afghan leader to push for access to Taliban in Pakistan

The Taliban said Mullah Obaidullah, their former minister of defense, died in a Pakistani jail in 2010. The Taliban killed a British airman in Helmand. Security forces detained Taliban commanders in Helmand and Kandahar.

Pakistan - Qazi warns against restoring NATO supply

Taliban talks spur Pakistan detente

Taliban are Terrorists and the Murderers of Afghan People: Spanta

US verifies Taliban-Afghan govt talks in Qatar