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When was the last al Qaeda operative killed or captured in Afghanistan?

US NATO Ambassador Says Afghan Policy Intact

An Afghan soldier and a teacher killed two ISAF soldiers in Kandahar province. The Taliban killed two policemen in attacks in Panjshir and Uruzgan. The UN said the US soldiers who burned Korans should be punished.

Afghanistan Unable to Take Over Prisons, Night Raids: Khalilzad

Suicide bombers sold for Rs2m, says Pakistani minister

US General Says Closure Of Pakistan Supply Routes Complicates Afghan Pullout

Afghanistan - Bracing for mass evictions from Pakistan

Cancelled aircraft deal an embarrassment: US general

Afghan soldier and teacher kill 2 ISAF soldiers in south

Afghan security personnel have killed seven ISAF soldiers in the past 10 days, while the Taliban have killed six during the same time period. Already this year, 15 ISAF troops have been killed by Afghan security personnel.

Some Military Advisers Resume Training in Kabul

Key Al-Qaida Witness: Hamburg Islamist to Stand Trial in Germany

A suicide bomber wounded six Afghans in Helmand. NATO said the Koran riots have not affected the security transition.

Taliban claim CIA 'fabricated' truce letter from Mullah Omar

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued a formal denial of a letter calling for a ceasefire that was purportedly signed by Mullah Omar. Instead, the Taliban vowed to "intensify its operations against the Americans, their allies and their despicable internal supporters and [to] continue unabatedly with its sacred Jihad."

Koran Burning in Afghanistan Prompts 3 Parallel Inquiries

Afghan forces face threat from within, says official

NATO showing 'restraint' in Afghanistan: Rasmussen

The Taliban killed seven civilians in a bombing in Helmand. France and Germany have withdrawn advisers from Afghan ministries while the UN has withdrawn personnel from Kunduz.

Afghanistan - Absenteeism rampant among Panjsher officials

US will not alter troop withdrawals despite Koran protests

Analysis: Somali reform rush may be militant lifeline