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Afghanistan - MPs seek harsh punishment for blasphemers

Afghans protested after Korans were accidentally burned at Bagram; General Allen apologized and issued a directive on the disposal of religious materials. The Taliban beheaded four "spies" in Helmand and killed three ISAF soldiers in the south.

Karzai claims indirect contact with Mullah Omar

Official: Burned Islamic religious material had 'extremist inscriptions'

Talk of peace stirs up Qaeda-Taliban tensions

Of 'moderate' Taliban and their willingness to 'talk'

Karzai offers Taliban direct dialogue

Afghanistan to Spy on Own Troops

Resurgence of Pakistan's religious right

US senators, Afghan leaders discuss parameters for long-term partnership

Afghan policemen killed two Albanian soldiers in an ambush in Kandahar; one other ISAF soldier was wounded and 11 policemen were detained after the shooting. A policeman was killed in a suicide attack and four civilians were killed in an IED attack in Kandahar. Three ISAF soldiers were killed during an operation in the west.

Turkish jihadists eulogize commander killed in Waziristan

Emir-Yunis.jpgSinan Tekin, a Turkish national who was known as Emir Yunis, led a group of foreign fighters along the Afghan-Pakistani border.

Afghan Police Catch Terrorists Taking Children to Pakistan

Afghanistan - Military prosecutor accused of moral corruption, links to Taliban

Pakistani Taliban Turn to Kidnapping to Finance Operations

Afghan talks will fail without all groups: Hizb-e-Islami

The Taliban killed four civilians in an IED attack in Kandahar. Security forces captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Khost and Kunduz.

US announces a 'surge' of military trainers to Afghanistan

The US took another step in implementing its new Afghan strategy. Starting this spring, the Army will send a large contingent of military trainers to Afghanistan.

Afghan peace: Taliban willing to talk are killed or arrested, says Karzai

Posing as Afghan senator, man disappears with sensitive information