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Afghanistan - President defends scholars' guideline regarding women

The PR challenge in Afghanistan: suicide bombing, Quran burning, and murky data

Ousted deputy leader of Pakistan Taliban favors talks with govt

Afghan government says likely to reach US prison deal

The Afghan Response to the 2012 Koran Burning Incident

The Taliban killed two civilians in a suicide bombing at Bagram Air Base and an Afghan intelligence official in another suicide bombing in Jalalabad. Afghan clerics have issued Taliban-like guidelines for women.

Afghan clerics' guidelines 'a green light for Talibanisation'

Pakistan Asks Taliban to Negotiate with Afghan Government

Taliban claim suicide attack outside Bagram Air Base

The Taliban claimed they carried out the attack to take "revenge" for the burning of Korans at the base more than two weeks ago. Another suicide bomber killed an Afghan intelligence official in Jalalabad.

US-Afghan Talks Falter on Detainee Transfer

The US has suspended talks on a long-term strategic partnership over a disagreement on the transfer of detainees. Afghanistan's army chief said "there will be a lot of trouble" if another Koran-burning incident occurs. The governor of Kunar escaped an assassination attempt.

Russia to invest in Afghan power, transport sectors

Afghan Health Sector to Face Major Shut-Down Without Intl Aid: MoPH

For some Afghans, suicide bombs best answer to Koran burnings

The Taliban killed four civilians in an IED attack in NAngarhar.

The Taliban killed four civilians in an IED attack in Nangarhar. Security forces captured several Taliban fighters and "insurgents" in Kandahar, Uruzgan, and Kunduz.

Head of British PRT in Helmand: Afghanistan to Face Security Challenges After 2014

Zawahiri hails shrinking US influence

Afghan army says Taliban infiltration very sophisticated

Taliban 'offer every assistance' to al Qaeda, says terrorist leader

US-Afghanistan deal in danger as Hamid Karzai holds firm on demands