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Merkel Urges More Reconciliation Progress with Afghan Insurgents

US Officials Debate Speeding Up Afghan Pullout

The Taliban vowed to "take revenge" for the 16 Afghan civilians killed by a rogue US soldier in Kandahar. Security forces captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Khost, Wardak, and Nangarhar.

Spinning progress on RC East

Pentagon: War strategy not changing

Afghanistan - Wolesi Jirga shut in protest over killings

US fears reprisals after Afghan massacre in Kandahar

Afghan civilian deaths spark calls for US exit

Afghan civilian deaths spark calls for US exit

Pakistan's ISI behind Indian mission blast in Afghanistan: UK intel ex-chief

US soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians in Kandahar

Kandahar braces for unrest after rogue US soldier kills Afghan civilians

Our big mistake was to assume we had won, says British ambassador to Afghanistan

Strategic pact with US excludes military bases: Karzai

US soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians in rampage

Afghan Anger and Security Changes Imperil Aid Groups

Al Qaeda eulogizes senior commander killed in recent drone strike

Badr-Mansoor.jpgUstad Ahmad Farooq, al Qaeda's spokesman for Pakistan, confirmed that Badr Mansoor was killed in a drone strike on Feb. 2012. Farooq accused the Pakistani military and government of supporting the US's drone campaign.

US and Afghanistan Agree on Detainee Transfer

Concerns Remain as Switch to Afghan Security Nears

Taliban Guantanamo detainees agree to Qatar transfer: official