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The US is investigating charges that the Afghan Air Force is involved in drug smuggling. The Taliban killed nine policemen in Uruzgan. Security forces captured two IMU leaders in Badakhshan.

Afghanistan - Mafia groups threaten trade with Pakistan: ACCI

US commanders says there are no plans to turn Afghan war over to CIA control after 2014

Corruption Remains Intractable in Afghanistan Under Karzai Government

Afghan Air Force Probed in Drug Running

US probes allegations Afghan Air Force involved in drug running

ISAF captures 2 IMU leaders in northeastern Afghanistan

The two Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leaders are responsible for suicide attacks in northern Afghanistan.

Foreign militants fighting in Syria battlefields

Afghan Women Seen Losing Ground

Six British soldiers "are missing" and "believed killed, after their armoured vehicle was caught in an explosion" in Helmand. The Taliban killed four Afghans in Kandahar.

US adds Qods Force general as 'Narcotics Kingpin' for heroin, weapons smuggling in Afghanistan

General-Gholamreza-Baghbani.jpgGeneral Gholamreza Baghbani, the senior Qods Force officer in Zahedan, facilitates heroin and opium smuggling to arm the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to the US Treasury.

Pakistani Taliban deputy Faqir Mohammad demoted

Faqir claims he was not notified of his dismissal and said the Taliban have supported negotiations with the government.

Afghanistan - President defends scholars' guideline regarding women

The PR challenge in Afghanistan: suicide bombing, Quran burning, and murky data

Ousted deputy leader of Pakistan Taliban favors talks with govt

Afghan government says likely to reach US prison deal

The Afghan Response to the 2012 Koran Burning Incident

The Taliban killed two civilians in a suicide bombing at Bagram Air Base and an Afghan intelligence official in another suicide bombing in Jalalabad. Afghan clerics have issued Taliban-like guidelines for women.

Afghan clerics' guidelines 'a green light for Talibanisation'

Pakistan Asks Taliban to Negotiate with Afghan Government