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With Eye on Past, Karzai Lays Out Vision for an Independent Afghanistan

Taliban commander turns self in... for reward on 'Wanted' poster

US condemns Afghan bodies 'abuse' by soldiers in 2010

Tajikistan says Russia is main partner, rejects foreign offers

NATO ministers to mull Afghan strategy ahead of alliance summit in Chicago

Australia announced that it would withdraw its forces by the end of 2013. More than 140 schoolgirls were poisoned in Takhar province. The Taliban killed two Afghan soldiers in an IED attack in Nimroz. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban fighters in Kandahar, Wardak, and Paktia.

ISAF troops kill Afghan soldier in south

Insurgent assaults expose weakness in Afghan intelligence

Clinton to continue to press Pakistan on Haqqani network

Karzai Says US Coalition Failed as Kabul Cleans Up

Afghan leader challenges Taliban brothers over attacks

US prepares for last major Afghan offensive

Afghan Assaults Signal Evolution of Haqqani Network

No evidence yet that Kabul attacks were planned on Pakistan soil: US CJCS Dempsey

Thirty-Six Taliban fighters, eight Afghan security personnel, and three civilians were killed during the Taliban's coordinated assault in Kabul and three provinces. US and Afghan officials said the Haqqani Network was behind the attack. ISAF troops killed an Afghan soldier after he opened fire on a convoy in Kandahar.

Haqqani Network blamed for coordinated attacks in Afghanistan

Intel is Never a Guarantee: NATO Responds to Karzai

Taliban paid 'protection money' by Afghan government

Afghan official: Haqqanis blamed for Kabul attacks

Taliban Launch Coordinated Attacks Across Afghanistan