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The US Army in a Time of Transition

Odierno Reshaping Training and Deployment

ISAF captures IMU leader in Kunduz

Special operations forces have targeted two different IMU leaders in the Imam Sahib district over the past three days.

Army procurement switch puts boot into Afghan dream

Pentagon signals 'acute' problems in Afghanistan, even as US cuts forces

NATO supply routes closure causing massive equipment backlog: US DoD

A Taliban suicide assault team attacked a civilian compound in Kabul, killing five people just hours after President Obama left the country. The Taliban announced the beginning of its 2012 spring offensive, and killed two ISAF soldiers in the east. Security forces killed 25 Taliban fighters.

Crocker assuages regional concerns

Crocker: Kabul "pretty secure city"

Obama's Afghanistan speech: a small view of the war sparked by 9/11

Electioneering President sees end of war in Afghanistan

US-Afghan pact leaves door open for drone strikes

Taliban announce start of Al Farooq spring offensive

The "Al Farooq Jihadi spring operation" offensive will begin on May 3, and will target foreign and Afghan security forces, Afghan political and government officials, the Afghan High Peace Council, and anti-Taliban militias.

Afghanistan - Intelligence Chief Calls on Tribal Elders to Discourage Insurgency

Taliban launch suicide assault in Kabul following Obama's departure

Five Taliban fighters and five civilians were killed in the assault on a civilian compound in the Afghan capital. The attack took place just hours after President Obama reiterated that the US seeks a negotiated settlement with the Taliban to end the war.

Afghan intel confirms death of senior Afghan Taliban leader, possibly 25 others

The NDS chief confirmed that the Taliban executed Maluvi Mohammad Ismail, the former Deputy Military Council Chairman for the Quetta Shura. Twenty-five other senior Afghan Taliban leaders may also have been executed in Quetta, Pakistan for defying orders not to engage in talks with the Afghan government.

President Obama is in Afghanistan to sign a security pact with President Karzai. Security forces killed 19 Taliban fighters. Insurgents killed three policemen and two security guards in an attack on a NATO convoy in Farah.

Pentagon report paints mixed picture of war in Afghanistan

ISAF captures Taliban leader linked to Musa Qala suicide attack

ISAF targets IMU leader in Kunduz