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Afghan forces killed 27 insurgents, including seven Pakistanis and Saudis, in an operation in Helmand. In other incidents, five Taliban fighters and two policemen were killed; and the Taliban freed 14 policemen in Badakhshan.

Think Again: Al Qaeda

Pakistani, Saudi fighters killed in Helmand operation

Bin Laden files show al-Qaida and Taliban leaders in close contact

German jihadist killed by US in March drone strike

Samir H., a known "Islamist" from Aachen, is said to have been killed in the March 9 strike in Makeen in South Waziristan.

Al-Qaeda is weaker without bin Laden, but its franchise persists

The Taliban killed 10 members of the Afghan Local police in Wardak and an ISAF soldier in the south. Two policemen and two Taliban fighters were killed during an assassination attempt that targeted Kandahar's governor. The Taliban rejected a proposed "safe passage" for negotiations.

In Afghanistan, failed assassination try leaves 4 dead

Taliban attacks kill 12 Afghan policemen

In the east, 10 members of the Afghan Local Police were killed in an IED attack, while in the south, two policemen were killed in a failed assassination attempt against Kandahar's governor.

Afghan Youth Group Targets Former Warlords Ahead Of Contentious Holiday

Afghanistan - Government Has No Political Commitment to Fight Terrorism: National Front

'Manhunt' details US mission to find Osama bin Laden

Afghan Forces Attack Coalition Troops, Officials Say

Talks Between US and Pakistan Fail Over Airstrike Apology

Pakistan-Afghan-US to work for Taliban names removal from UN list

Book review: Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Ahmed Rashid

Afghan peace process: 'Safe passage' for Taliban agreed

Taliban closes dozens of Afghan schools

Taliban website under repeat attack by hackers

Safe passage for Afghan Taliban considered