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What They Said: India's Balancing Act With the US and Iran - India Real Time

Gen. Allen, Kayani confer on border security

Charting the Afghan course: Chicago invite to take NATO supply route

US lawmakers want Haqqani named terrorist group

NATO leaders said they expect France to remain part of Afghanistan effort

Past Decade of Development Has Not Helped Higher Education: Minister Obaid

Two Taliban fighters and a civilian were killed during fighting in Farah. An Afghan soldier killed an ISAF soldier in the south. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south. HIG suspended peace talks with the Afghan government.

Afghanistan Trip Report IV: Crossing the Salang

Thwarted Attack Highlights Afghan Local Police Force

US Trying to Locate Captured Soldier, Pentagon Says

Afghan women fade from White House focus as exit nears

3rd phase of security transition to start on Sunday

Obama, Rasmussen Agree Nato Summit Will Focus on Afghanistan

A suicide assault team killed two policemen and three civilians in Paktika; the six suicide bombers were also killed. The Taliban killed eight Afghans in Helmand and four policemen in Badghis. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Uruzgan, Paktia, and Ghazni.

Family lobbies for soldier to be included in Taliban prisoner swap

P.O.W. Is Focus of Talks on Taliban Prisoner Swap

The Taliban killed five policemen in an IED attack in Herat and closed a girls school in Ghazni after killing the headmaster. More than 100 schoolgirls are thought to have been poisoned in Balkh. Security forces detained several Taliban fighters in Helmand, Ghazni, and Wardak.

Security forces killed 29 Taliban fighters in Paktika, Paktia, Ghazni, and Kabul. The Taliban killed seven Afghan policemen in the east and west, and four education officials in Paktika. NATO plans to apologize for recent airstrikes that killed civilians.

Afghanistan no longer worst place for mothers: report

Security and stability in Afghanistan: progress and risk

The Department of Defense's semi-annual report on Afghanistan says it is making progress towards security and stability. But progress needs to be considered alongside risks. And risks are high and increasing.