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Many will profit if Pakistan reopens NATO supply routes

As Trained Afghans Turn Enemy, a US-Led Imperative Is in Peril

More than 250 students in Khost were hospitalized after being "poisoned." Security forces detained 14 insurgents, including two Pakistanis, in Kandahar.

Tensions Simmer Between Tehran, Kabul

ISAF Will Support Afghan Forces in Combat Beyond 2014: Jacobson

NATO invites Pakistani president to summit after FM suggests unblocking Afghan supply routes

US mulling sending Afghanistan general to head Europe troops

The Taliban killed a member of Faryab's provincial council and eight Afghans. Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in Paktika and Faryab. The Mullah Dadullah Front claimed credit for yesterday's assassination of a senior member of the Afghan High Peace Council.

Afghan Local Police program falls short, study finds

Omani jihadist killed in US airstrike in 'Khorasan'

Abu-Hamza-al-Omani.jpgAbu Hamza al Omani and several other unnamed "brothers and supporters" were killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan on May 5.

Mullah Dadullah Front claims assassination of Afghan High Peace Council member

The powerful Taliban subgroup is led by former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mullah Zakir, and is closely tied to al Qaeda.

Afghan forces to take more control from Nato: Karzai

Afghanistan - Unama Condemns Militant Attacks on Education As Violence Climbs

Arsala Rahmani, senior member of the Afghan High Peace Council, was gunned down in Kabul. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the east. Security forces killed our Taliban commanders and four fighters in Ghazni and Kunar.

Senior Afghan peace council member assassinated in Kabul

Arsala Rahmani was gunned down in Kabul. He was a senior member of the Afghan High Peace Council who served as a deputy education minister during the Taliban's rule.

MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps

The triage commander: Gen. John Allen hastily transforming US mission in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Spy Balloons Now Part of Landscape

Afghan policemen killed two British soldiers in Helmand. The Taliban killed three ISAF soldiers in two separate attacks in the south and four policemen in Badghis. The Taliban executed two criminals in Nimroz. Five Taliban and HIG fighters were killed during clashes in Ghazni.

Afghan security forces kill 3 ISAF troops

Two British soldiers were killed in an attack by Afghan Uniformed Police in Helmand today, and a US soldier was killed by an Afghan soldier in Kunar.