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Mullah Dadullah Front: a not-so-new Afghan Taliban terror group

Special Report: Helmand deaths prompt security rethink

Hopes fading for swift US, Pakistan deal on Afghan supply routes

Who Wants To Fund Afghan Security?

Lessons Learned in Afghan School Closures

In Afghanistan, New Insurgent Group Emerges

Afghanistan - Insurgent Violence Escalates in South Despite Country-Wide Decrease: Reports

Pakistan - NATO restoration means agitation for opposition

The Taliban killed two US soldiers in a rocket attack and three civilians in a mortar attack in Kunar. Security forces killed seven Taliban fighters as they were planting an IED in Wardak.

Afghan Helpers Feel Threatened By Withdrawal of German Troops

Six policemen, a civilian, and four Taliban fighters were killed during a suicide assault in Farah. The Taliban assassinated a senior police commander in Kunduz. The US added a Taliban financier who has funneled money to both al Qaeda and the Taliban, and a Haqqani Network operative who serves as a top aide to Badruddin Haqqani to its list of designated terrorists.

US Redefines Afghan Success Ahead of NATO Conference

In Chicago: Zardari, Obama, Karzai to discuss Taliban peace talks

Taliban kill 6 Afghan policemen, civilian in suicide assault in Farah

US adds Taliban financier, Haqqani Network operative to terror list

Abdul Baqi Bari has funneled money to both al Qaeda and the Taliban, and has accepted funds from Osama bin Laden. Bakht Gul serves as a top aide to Badruddin Haqqani, and has helped "foreign fighters" enter Afghanistan.

Pakistan seeks $5,000 transit fee for each NATO container

Afghanistan - Only security personnel can carry heavy arms: Interior Minister

ISAF killed nine insurgents in an airstrike in Paktia and three more during operations in Kunar. The Taliban killed two policemen and a soldier in Badghis and Badakhshan. Germany pledged $150 million annually after 2014; Australia promised $100 million.

Taliban infighting over US talks breaks down into terror campaign

US May Fund More Than Expected To Afghan Forces After 2014