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Afghanistan: Iranian news agency reporter held on spying charges

Two Taliban insurgent leaders killed during combined operation in Faryab

Nangarhar: Khogyani Militants Force Closure of Schools Over Insurgent's Arrest

Pakistan to attend Afghan summit in US amid tensions

The Taliban killed six Afghan soldiers in Badghis and an ISAF soldier in the south. An Afghan soldier killed an ISAF soldier in the south. Security forces killed two Taliban commanders and three fighters in Badghis, and killed several fighters in Helmand.

Reports Say Taliban Attacks Paktika Province

Afghanistan - New Commission to Protect Taliban Who Wish to Negotiate

Citing security, US abandons consulate site in Afghanistan

Taliban stronger than before US troop surge: lawmakers

Another 'green on blue' attack in Afghanistan

The Taliban killed five policemen in Nangarhar and a teacher in Wardak. ISAF killed a Taliban commander and six fighters in an airstrike in Wardak and five more in an airstrike in Faryab.

Al Qaeda's revenge in Bajaur

US intelligence, military at odds on Afghanistan: congressman

Despite Pakistani condemnation, US to continue drone strikes: Panetta

Karzai blames rebels for closing Ghazni schools

Afghanistan to Receive 20 Warplanes When US Troops Leave

Rogers: Taliban 'stronger' than it was two years ago

CERN Scientist Sentenced to 5 Years in Terrorism Case

Bin Laden docs: Al Qaeda asserts authority in letter to Pakistani Taliban leader

The letter shows a confident al Qaeda leadership working to maintain order and consistent behavior within the ranks of its affiliates in Pakistan.

Panetta warns US troops to avoid scandals