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Pakistan seeks US help to get over Salala, but per parliament's guidelines

NATO Will Not Restrict Nations with Afghan Bilateral Pacts

Afghan Poppy Failure Likely to Impact War Efforts

'Green on Blue' Attacks Not an Indicator of Taliban Infiltration: Allen

NATO accepts Obama timetable to end war in Afghanistan by 2014

A Taliban suicide bomber killed two US soldiers and two civilians in Uruzgan. Security forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in the east. The Taliban called for NATO to leave Afghanistan.

Supply Lines Cast Shadow at NATO Meeting on Afghan War

NATO supply restoration: DPC to march from Karachi to Islamabad

UK may keep troops in Afghanistan post-2014 to fight terrorism

Administration shows frustration at Pakistan over ground routes

The Taliban on US estimates of al Qaeda strength in Afghanistan

Taliban says NATO nations should follow France's decision to pull troops from Afghanistan

Iran, Pakistan out to weaken Afghanistan, MPs told

Financing Afghan Forces Costs Less Than Maintaining Foreign Army: Karzai

General Allen plays down urgency of Pakistan deal

NATO leaders map strategy for Afghanistan exit

A glimpse of life after Nato in Afghanistan's wild east

A suicide bomber killed 13 people in an attack in Khost. Special operations forces captured the Taliban's liaison to the Peshawar Shura during a raid in Kunduz. The NDS arrested three members of the Mullah Dadullah Front in Kabul and two suicide bombers in Kandahar.

ISAF captures Taliban liaison to Peshawar Shura

The Taliban commander is linked to Dost Mohammed, the shadow governor of Nuristan, and has helped "foreign fighters and suicide bombers" conduct attacks in the Afghan north.

Mullah Dadullah Front: a not-so-new Afghan Taliban terror group