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US Senate docks Pakistan $1m for each year of Shakil Afridi's sentence

Insight: Iran's Great Game in Afghanistan

Security forces killed 17 Taliban fighters and detained 54 more in Helmand, Zabul, Uruzgan, Logar, Ghazni, Khost, Kabul, Nangarhar, and Takhar. Special operations forces captured an IMU facilitator in Badakhshan. A suicide bomber killed two policemen in Helmand.

ISAF captures IMU facilitator in northeastern Afghanistan

Badakhshan province has become a haven for the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Allen: US troop drawdown from Afghanistan to begin "very soon"

Iran sets aside $25m to derail Afghan-US deal

Analyst, US Senators Label Pakistan Transit Fee 'Extortion'

Afghan Ministry of Education Urges School Attackers to Stop

ISAF kills Taliban's deputy shadow governor for Nuristan

Jamil ur Rahman was killed just one week after ISAF captured a liaison to the Peshawar Shura who also served as a facilitator for the Taliban's shadow governor in Nuristan.

Security forces killed the Taliban's deputy shadow governor for Nuristan. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south. Two foreign aid workers and three Afghans were kidnapped in Badakhshan. More than 120 schoolgirls were poisoned in Takhar.

Pakistani doctor jailed for helping CIA find bin Laden

NATO air strike: Turkey backs Pakistan's demand for US apology

Taliban tightens grip on Afghan schools

The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier. The NDS captured 13 "rebels" and disrupted a Taliban plot to attack a USAID office in Jalalabad. US Ambassador Ryan Crocker is resigning earlier that expected.

Taliban, Afghan neighbors could hamper NATO's exit

US Embassy in Kabul says US ambassador to leave

NATO endorses strategy to end Afghan war but risks remain

Afghans back Chicago deal, warn West to keep promises

NATO's secretary general said its countries are not running for the exit. New Zealand will withdraw its forces from Afghanistan one year early. NATO will close down ISAF's combat command and transfer operations to the Afghan military. General Allen said that about half of the "green-on-blue" attacks have been carried out by Taliban infiltrators.

Pakistan seeks US help to get over Salala, but per parliament's guidelines