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Afghan policeman guns down 3 Americans at hospital in Kabul

A police officer guarding the CURE hospital in Kabul turned his gun on Americans, killing three and wounding another.

Afghan Taliban confirms death of shadow governors for Kunar, Kandahar

Noor Qasim Sabari and Abdul Wasi' Azzam, the shadow governors of Kunar and Kandahar respectively, were killed in military operations over the past month.

Hole in Afghan budget stirs unease as West starts packing bags

Security Eroding in Northern Afghanistan after German Withdrawal

335 ISAF military bases handed over to Afghanistan

Two prison guards and one Taliban fighter were killed in a jailbreak in Faryab that freed at least two prisoners. Six Taliban fighters and a commander, and two soldiers were killed in a military operation in Laghman. A US soldier who was wounded last weekend during fighting in Logar has died of his injuries.

Abu Hamza used 'cover of religion' to recruit terrorists, court hears

Is the 'Taliban's negotiator' under house arrest in the UAE?

Afghanistan economic growth falls sharply in 2013: ADB

Blunders by British generals allowed Taliban to carry out attack on Camp Bastion while Prince Harry was in Afghanistan

Afghan economy facing serious revenue shortage

Afghan villagers rise up against Taliban in Nangarhar province

Trial of jihadist cleric expected to highlight ex-Guantanamo detainee's al Qaeda role

Feroz Ali Abbasi was once held at Guantanamo and US officials have accused him of agreeing to take part in al Qaeda's attacks against the West. He was transferred to Britain in 2005, but his story is a key part of the case against Abu Hamza al Masri, whose trial began this week in New York.

Anxious China emerges as diplomatic player in Afghanistan

Pakistan - 108 kidnapped tribesmen released

Iran's one-stop shop for US Army gear

Inside the FBI's secret relationship with special operations

Officials: Despite Afghan election success, insurgents remain active

One dead as gunmen attack NATO trucks in Jamrud

Taliban's shadow governor for Kunar reported killed in US airstrike

Noor Qasim Sabari, the shadow governor of Kunar, is said to have been killed in a US airstrike along with seven senior commanders in the province.