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Brother of Taliban's military commission reported killed

Mullah Abdul Salam Zakir, the brother of the former Guantanamo Bay detainee who quickly assumed command of the Afghan Taliban's military branch, is said to have been killed during a raid in northern Helmand province. ISAF has not confirmed Salam's death.

NATO supply routes: Pakistan, US to push for a deal this week

ISAF launches airstrike against IMU facilitator

The Taliban killed three civilians in Uruzgan, a policeman in Nangarhar, and an ISAF soldier in the south. Thirty schoolgirls were poisoned in Takhar. The top ISAF general in the north said the Taliban have been defeated there.

China steps up Afghan role as Western pullout nears

Latest US drone strike kills 10 'militants' in South Waziristan

The drones targeted a group of Taliban and "foreigners" who gathered to note the death of one of Mullah Nazir's commanders, who was killed in yesterday's drone strike.

The Taliban killed two policemen in Uruzgan and a British soldier in Helmand. Coalition and Afghan forces rescued two foreign and two Afghan aid workers in Badakhshan and killed four Taliban commanders in Badghis. Ninety-seven school girls were poisoned in Takhar.

Kabul spurns NYT story on detainees as flawed

US drones kill 'good' Taliban commander in South Wazirstan

Rahmanullah, "a key commander" for Mullah Nazir, was reported killed in today's strike. Nazir considers himself an al Qaeda leader.

NATO forces rescue four aid workers in north Afghanistan

EU Freezes Cash for UN's Afghan Police Fund

US and Afghan troops killed 14 Taliban fighters who assaulted FOB Salerno in Khost. A suicide bomber killed five policemen in Kandahar. The Taliban killed two policemen in Nangarhar.

US troops repel suicide assault on base in eastern Afghanistan

"Some insurgents were able to get inside the perimeter" of Forward Operating Base Salerno, "but they were neutralized," a US military spokesman told LWJ.

Afghan Air Force needs modern equipment: Karimi

US Liaisons Restored To Outpost In Pakistan

Hamid Karzai: America could have done better in Afghanistan

A suicide bomber killed five policemen in Nangarhar. Eight policemen and six Taliban fighters were killed in Badakhshan, eight Taliban fighters were killed in Kandahar and six more were killed in Faryab, two Afghan soldiers were killed in Herat, two policemen were killed in Nangarhar, and two ISAF soldiers were killed in the south. The Taliban executed three tribal leaders in Ghazni.

General restricts war-zone photography

IMU eulogizes military commander, media operative

mansoor-abbos.jpgCommander Abbos Mansoor was named the military emir of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan just days before he was killed in a drone strike, while Abdul Aziz served as a combat cameraman and producer for Jundallah Studio.

Australia takes lead in Afghanistan's Uruzgan