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Afghan arsonists seek to enforce truancy from school

Obama Increases Pakistan Drone Strikes as Relations Sour

Taliban close schools to mourn civilian deaths

New details emerge about complex attack on FOB Salerno

SalernoPX560.jpg Seven civilians were killed inside the wire, while the blast caved in the base's dining facility and PX.

War against terrorism; Pakistan to follow its own timeline: FO

US, Pakistan beginning to look more like enemies

The Taliban killed four French soldiers in a suicide attack in Kapisa, two Afghan soldiers in Helmand, an ISAF soldier in the east, and a tribal leader in Nangarhar. Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters. General Allen said that ISAF will no longer target homes in airstrikes.

Taliban suicide bomber kills 4 French soldiers

The Taliban claimed credit for the suicide attack. "Foreign fighters" are known to operate in the area.

Afghanistan - No more air airstrikes on civilian houses: Allen

Sar-e Pul Security Chiefs Sacked over Jail Break

Parting Gift for Afghans: A Military McMansion

Fight Isn't Over for Soldiers in Remote Afghanistan

China Shows Interest in Afghan Security, Fearing Taliban Would Help Separatists

Millions of Dollars of US Gear to Combat IEDs Wasted in Pakistan

Dempsey voices Pakistan frustrations over Haqqani network inaction

CIA gets nod to step up drone strikes in Pakistan

Several Taliban fighters and prisoners escaped from a jail in Sar-i-Pul; five people were killed during the jailbreak. Gunmen killed a police commander in Jawzjan. General Allen apologized for the airstrike that accidentally killed civilians in Logar.

Libyan official: US drones seeking jihadists in Libya

NDS arrests senior Taliban leader and 14 others linked to school poisonings

Afghan intelligence officials announced the arrest of 15 suspects in connection to the series of suspected poison attacks against girls' schools in northern Afghanistan. Among those arrested were a Taliban deputy shadow governor and three women.

UN backs probe into US drone civilian casualties in Pakistan