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Russia Allows NATO to Use Airbase

US targets informal banks for alleged aid to Taliban

Pakistan bombing hints at free rein for radicals in Quetta

An estimated 20 Taliban fighters, 15 policemen, and four civilians were killed after the Taliban attacked two villages in Nuristan province. Three policemen and three Taliban fighters were killed in Kunar. The Taliban killed a district police chief, his wife, and daughter in Jawzjan.

Afghanistan, Norway Agree on Partnership

Taliban raid Nuristan district

Troop immunity likely to be focus of US, Afghanistan deal

Presence of Taliban sanctuaries in Afghanistan beyond explanation: Rehman

Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters in Uruzgan; the Taliban denied the report. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the east.

Afghan MOD Dismisses Pakistan's Insistence on Afghan-grown Insurgency

Pakistan's Fazlullah re-emerges as a security threat

TTP admits to having safe haven in Afghanistan

Gen Allen-Gen Kayani meeting: Washington offers joint offensive against TTP

Afghan officials said that 71 Taliban fighters and five policemen were killed during fighting throughout the country. A separate report claimed that 10 policemen were killed in Helmand, Herat, and Kunduz.

HIA, Taliban, peace council meet in Japan

Afghanistan Threatens Action Over Shelling in Kunar

Taliban approve of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's presidential victory

Russian heartland fears NATO transit

US for increased Pak-Afghan cooperation against cross-border terrorism -

Afghans flee shelling from Pakistan: officials, witnesses