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Pakistan - NATO supply remains suspended

The Taliban killed a judge in a bombing inside a mosque in Uruzgan, and killed three policemen in Nangarhar. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction said that the Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund, a vital counterinsurgency project, is likely to fall well short of its goals.

US aid projects in Afghanistan 'may fall into disuse after handover to Kabul'

Pakistan to push for intel share at US talks

Afghan truckers a forgotten front in a war growing deadlier by the day

The Taliban killed a district governor in Wardak and two ISAF soldiers in the west. Security forces killed 17 Taliban fighters and detained 18 more during operations throughout the country.

Taliban want to make Afghans doubtful about their future: MoI

Afghan forces deaths outstrip NATO's 5-1: Officials

ISI, CIA chiefs to meet in August: drone attacks will be main agenda

ISAF spurns Pak notifications on border crossings

Afghan Official says Pakistan Supports Insurgents

Taking tea with Afghanistan's most fearsome warlord, General Abdul Rashid Dostum

NATO's Afghan drivers fear for their lives

Pakistan and US trade barbs over Taliban havens

Afghanistan - Attacks on security forces mounting: MoI

Afghanistan - Insurgent Attacks Rise 11%, MOD Confirms

Special Operations forces risk being overused, misused, former chief says

Ambassador Crocker Sees Fraught Foreign Landscape Ahead

'Numerous' insurgents detained during latest raid against IMU in Kunduz

Looking Toward Future, Army Plans to Relocate Overseas Stores