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Another ISAF soldier killed in green-on-blue attack in Afghanistan

Today's attack is the eighth by Afghan forces on International Assistance Force troops within the past two weeks. The US government is pressing Afghanistan for solutions and the Taliban are ramping up their propaganda.

ISAF kills Taliban district governor, 'dozens' of fighters in Kunar airstrikes

The Taliban reportedly gathered in Chapah Darah district to conduct a public execution when they were targeted in an airstrike. A second strike in Watahpur, a known haven for al Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Taiba, killed "many" insurgents, including foreigners.

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is being smuggled into Afghanistan for IEDs

Fifty-two insurgents, including 12 commanders, were killed during an ISAF airstrike in Kunar province. The Taliban killed four civilians in an IED attack in Herat.

Iranian Currency Flows Into Afghanistan Markets

Why Afghanistan's past is being 'rewritten'

An Afghan policeman killed two US soldiers in Farah; an Afghan soldier wounded two US soldiers in Kandahar. The Taliban killed a British soldier in Helmand.

An Afghan police official claimed that an ISAF airstrike killed more than 50 Taliban fighters, including 13 local commanders. Four people were killed in a bombing at a mosque in Herat. A former member of parliament was assassinated in Faryab.

Afghanistan, Pakistani Governments Hide Meeting with Mullah Bradar

2 US soldiers killed in latest green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan

So far this year, green-on-blue attacks have caused 13 percent of the ISAF deaths. Nine ISAF soldiers have been killed by Afghan forces in the past 11 days.

Thirty-one Taliban fighters, seven Afghan soldiers, and an NDS agent were killed in clashes throughout the country. Seven Western soldiers, three Afghan troops, and an interpreter were killed in a helicopter crash in Kandahar. ISAF killed an IMU leader and "multiple insurgents" in an airstrike in Takhar.

Afghanistan - Women rally for reopening of girls' schools

Experts: Operation Against Pakistani Taliban Will Create More Problems

Who is Ansar Dine?

Al Qaeda in Spain: Alive, Well and Making Trouble

ISAF kills senior IMU leader, 'multiple insurgents' in airstrike

Mullah Anwar served as the IMU's leader in the Burkah district in Afghanistan's Baghlan province, and was responsible for the assassination of a district governor and a member of the Afghan High Peace Council in Takhar.

11 NATO, Afghan troops killed in helicopter crash in Kandahar

The Taliban claimed to have shot down a Chinook in Shah Wali Kot district; ISAF said the cause of the crash is under investigation.

The Taliban killed three policemen and a civilian in a bombing in Uruzgan, four children in an IED attack in Paktika, and an ISAF soldier in the east, and wounded 20 Afghans in a bombing in Herat. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Kunduz, and killed a Taliban leader and detained three "assassins" in Herat.

ISAF Suspends more than 100 Companies Over Corruption Charges

The Uighur from Guantanamo cooking pizza in Albania