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Afghan Villagers Hit Back Against Taliban

A Mercy Killing In Afghanistan?

Lawmakers Urge Karzai to Address Apparent Rise in Insecurity

Quetta Taliban is Never Targeted: Afghan Expert

Ragtag Revolts in Parts of Afghanistan Repel Taliban

Badruddin Haqqani rumored killed in US drone strike

The senior Haqqani Network commander is thought to have been killed in one of five drone strikes this week. His death has not been confirmed.

Badruddin Haqqani Believed Dead in Pakistan Drone Strike

Taliban force villagers in Kandahar to destroy roads

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander in Ghazni

The Taliban killed four security personnel in Paktia, three policemen in Kapisa, and three security guards in Farah. Security forces detained a Pakistani suicide bomber and targeted an al Qaeda-linked Taliban leader in Ghazni.

US general: We hacked the enemy in Afghanistan

Security forces killed 15 Taliban fighters. Villagers in Ghazni killed two Taliban fighters. More than 30 missiles launched from Pakistan struck in Kunar province.

General Notes Taliban Coercion in Some Attacks on Troops in Afghanistan

As Insider Attack Fears Escalate, APPF Says Afghans Ready to Secure Nato Bases

Green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan: the data

As green-on-blue attacks spike, US and Afghan military officials have taken increasingly strong measures to combat attacks on their forces by Taliban infiltrators and disgruntled Afghan troops. In 2012, green-on-blue attacks accounted for 15% of ISAF deaths.

US, Pakistan must "divorce" as allies, ex-Pakistan envoy says

Mullah Omar's Eid message was read in many mosques in Nangarhar. The Taliban killed a police commander and three civilians in Kunduz and bombed the Ring Road in three locations in Kandahar. The government blamed foreign countries for instigating green-on-blue attacks.

Afghanistan - Taliban destroy Panjwai ring road in Kandahar

Afghanistan - Kandahar District to Receive Another 400 Police Amid Security Concerns

Afghanistan - Mullah Omar's Eid Message Read in Nangarhar Mosques: MP