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A suicide bomber killed six Afghans in an attack outside Camp Eggers in Kabul. Two tribal leaders were killed in a bombing in Uruzgan.

Taliban sets posts, seek usher from growers in Nangarhar

Haqqani leader turned network into 'killing machine,' intelligence officials say

US State Department evades issue of Pakistan's links to Haqqani Network

50% chances of Government collapse after International forces leave Afghanistan: Former British Ambassador to Afghanistan

US adds Haqqani Network to list of terror groups

After pressure from Congress, the State Department finally added the group, which has links to the Taliban, al Qaeda, and the Pakistani military and intelligence services, to the US list of foreign terror organizations.

Insider attacks: How US and Afghan troops see the mission now

Third of Children in Afghan South Acutely Malnourished

'Al Muhajir Jihadi Studio' releases video of attack on base in Paktika

White House Backs Blacklisting Militant Organization

Pakistan - USAID to help repair NATO-damaged road network, NA told

ISAF killed an an al Qaeda leader and three operatives in an airstrike in Kunar; the leader and two fighters were Pakistanis, another was a Saudi. Two former Taliban leaders and three Pakistanis were detained in Nuristan. The Afghan military took control of security in five districts in Baghlan.

Foreign forces asked to quit Kunar

Kunar Province Vows Jihad if Cross-Border Shelling Continues

Afghanistan - New Intelligence Teams to Probe Insider Attacks

Afghans use culture guides to cut insider attacks

Analysis: The Taliban's 'momentum' has not been broken

President Obama claims that the Taliban's "momentum" has been broken in Afghanistan. Other officials have made similar claims. The Long War Journal has examined several sources that measure the insurgency's capacity for violence and finds that the Taliban's momentum has not been broken. The overall level of violence in Afghanistan today remains worse than prior to the surge.

Al Qaeda operative killed in Kunar airstrike

Abu Saif, a Pakistani national, served as a cross-border facilitator and a conduit between senior al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and was involved in media operations. Two other Pakistanis and a Saudi were also killed.

Trilateral initiative: Formal talks begin on safe passage for Afghan Taliban

The Taliban killed four Afghan soldiers in attacks in Farah and Baghdis. Security forces killed a Taliban commander and 11 fighters in Wardak. Two ISAF soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Logar. The Afghan military dismissed hundreds of soldiers for involvement in green-on-blue attacks.